Tuesday, May 21, 2019

C4 Corvette Gathering and Revin' Up for Kids Car Show collide at the National Corvette Museum

There was so much going on last weekend at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., that you are about to read a triple story. First of all, I brought my ’93 Corvette up there to be a part of the annual C4 Corvette Gathering, which drew fourth-generation Corvettes in from all over the country. While I was there, I entered the Revin’ Up for Kids Car Show, a multi-make show that raised money for foster kids. And finally, I made a tour of the National Corvette Museum itself, where I was able to see some of the most significant Corvettes ever, including a display of Corvettes that belonged to U.S. astronauts. It was almost automotive overload. I was just barely able to handle it all, and I will surely never be the same.

Friday, May 10, 2019

24th-Annual AACA Spring Meet features factory stock in Mt. Juliet

You might think that having a car show on the same weekend that Goodguys is in town, on a cloudy, misty day, might not be a recipe for success. And while the car count may have been a little light for the 24th-Annual AACA Spring Meet at the Wilson County Bank in Mt. Juliet, I would still consider it a win. As usual, there were some very nice cars out there. I’ve always liked this event because it draws in a lot of interesting, unmodified cars. I like hot rods, but I also like to see things the way they came from the factory. Many of the car owners at this show do a great job of preserving that history. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A smaller run, but still fun at the 14th-Annual 2019 Goodguys Nashville Nationals

Goodguys events are unlike any other car shows that I go to. They’re more like going to a NASCAR race than a cruise. Everything is bigger and more professional. You get to see the same cars that you read about in magazines. All the big sponsors and displays are there. That was all evident last weekend at the 14th-Annual Nashville Nationals, which was held for three days at the Tennessee Titans Stadium. The only problem was the weather. It rained most of the weekend. Sunday was supposed to be the clearest day, which is when I went. But the rain had a profound impact on car count. It was easily the smallest Goodguys show I’ve ever been to. Still, the cars that did show up were worth the trip downtown.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Rain didn't ruin the Redneck Rumble

Twice a year, the Redneck Rumble rides into the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon. This year, the two-day event had to deal with not only rain, but several other big car shows in town. I entered my truck on Saturday, and even though attendance was obviously lighter than normal, there were still quite a few things to look at. I’ve been at this show in the rain before, and history has proven that rat rod and patina guys don’t mind a little wet weather. There’s also a swap meet at this show that typically offers up some interesting automotive treasures. This isn’t your usual ’69 Camaro resto-mod-style show. It’s different, which is part of what makes it interesting.

Friday, May 3, 2019

The cars are the best at the Gallatin Square Fest

The Gallatin Square Fest Car Show is always a fun time, so we threw the folding chairs into the back of my ’93 Corvette and staked-out a parking spot. Unlike most car shows where you’re basically on an island and have nothing else to see, do, or eat, this one is part of a festival that includes vendors and food trucks. That means there’s something for everybody at this show. They give out a lot of trophies (they gave a first-place class award to me for the Corvette), which seems to draw in a lot of very nice cars. I love car shows that provide both quality and quantity, so this was a good one to be a part of.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hendersonville Cruise-In kicks off 2019 at its new location

As a Hendersonville resident and a car cruise guy, I’m always happy when the Hendersonville Cruise-In kicks off for the season. This year, the location moved to the old World Market parking lot, which is basically the Target store off New Shackle Island Road. They hold this event every Friday night during the summer, and they always have lots of really nice cars to look at. I’m always amazed that they can hold this event this often and still draw in so many different and interesting cars each time. Naturally, we took the old truck there for opening night, and came home with a bunch of pictures and stories about the neat stuff in attendance.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Return to Platte City

It’s been five long years since I’ve been to the Outta’ Control Hot Rods monthly cruise in Platte City, Mo., but I was in the Kansas City area last Saturday night, so I had to get back. This was the night before Easter, so the turnout was understandably light, but there were still some really great cars in attendance. Many of these were at this event when I checked it out five years ago, which says a lot about the loyalty of the people who support this show, and about how well it’s run. They always have a professional sound board set up to play music. They have door prizes and dash magnets. You’re right in the parking lot of the Pizza Shoppe so you never go hungry. Heck, they’ll even give you a coupon to eat there. If you can get to this cruise on the third Saturday of the month, by all means, make that happen.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nice start to the Tennessee Speed Sport Cruise

Tennessee Speed Sport is a cool, old-school speed shop in Goodlettsville that has been serving Nashville’s hot rod and racing community since the 1960s. It makes sense that they would start up a monthly cruise night, and so they have. The inaugural event was last Saturday night, and they had a pretty strong turnout for the first time. I even like their old sign, and my truck looks right at home next to it. The only thing I might change would be that they open up the store during the cruise. If you can get 100 hot-rodders in the parking lot of a speed shop, who knows—you might just sell them something. At any rate, let’s check out some of the stuff that was sitting outside that locked building.