Monday, November 24, 2014

Sporty things from the 2014 Nashville International Auto Show

As the weather gets colder, new car show season is heating up. The Nashville International Auto Show was this weekend at the Music City Center, and spectators got a chance to enjoy the heart of the auto industry in the heart of country music. This wasn’t a particularly large auto show (weird that Cadillac didn’t have a display in Johnny Cash’s hometown), but it sure brought out a lot of people. There were so many folks looking at the cars that taking pictures proved to be very difficult. I still managed to click off a few of my favorites, though. Let’s take a look.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage Vettes, the Dement brothers, and the greatest job in the world

“This can’t be right,” I thought as the GPS sent me to a crusty old office building on Memorial Boulevard in Murfreesboro. According to their website, Vintage Vettes handles a large assortment of pristine straight-axle Corvettes. Even as I went behind the building and opened the steel door, I did not see how this dark, dismal place could be what I was looking for. I introduced myself to a couple of guys sitting at desks plugging away on their computers, and they welcomed me to take a look in the next room. Suddenly I realized that my initial impressions were way off.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cruise season winds down at Coach's Eastgate Grille

Now I’m starting to feel a little sad. The first car cruise that I went to when I moved to Nashville was the first cruise of 2014 at Coach’s Eastgate Grille in Lebanon, Tenn. And now, it looks like one of the last cruises of the year that I’ll be going to is, you guessed it, the one at Coach’s Eastgate Grille. These guys started the season early, and are ending the season late. Plus, they do a good job with this event, offering door prizes and even lunch to participants. This is a pretty good way to end things. That’s especially true when you see what kind of cars they had on display.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music City Fall Classic Auction in Murfreesboro is a great car show where everything's for sale

I obviously go to a ton of car shows, so I get to see a bunch of great cars. But sometimes, the most interesting old cars that I see are someplace other than car shows. I’m talking about collector car auctions. If there’s one anywhere near me, I’ll always try and hit it. You know cars are often at their best when someone is trying to sell them. No questionable personalization. No door prizes. No disk jockeys. What you get is a straightforward variety of cars, all cleaned up and presented in a way that should appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Take a look at some of the cars that were at the Music City Fall Classic Auction in Murfreesboro and see what I mean.