Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corvettes on the Square presented by the KCCA had some of the most awesome Corvettes you'll ever see in one place in Kansas City

You've probably noticed that I'm a pushover for Corvettes, and I don't think I've been to a better Corvette gathering in Kansas City than the 10th Annual Corvettes on the Square event on August 14, 2010 in the historic Downtown Independence Square.

Hosted by The Kansas City Corvette Association, proceeds from this year's event went to Camp Quality, a camp for kids with cancer.

The theme for this year's event was "get your kick's in a C6," and there were certainly plenty of 2005-2010 Corvettes on display. They were all very nice, but the favorites had to be the new Grand Sports, of course the venerable Z06's, the race-inspired limited edition C6-R's, and one example of the awesome new ZR1, complete with custom-applied blue stripes over the glossy black finish.

But the class of Vettes that most impressed me were the cars in the 1963-1967 group, also known as Midyears (of if you're a relatively new Corvette aficionado, you might call them C2's). I don't know if a better looking, more perfectly proportioned car has ever been sold to the public, and here were dozens of them lined up like delicious candies in a display case.

They also had a really neat lineup of former best of show winners. They were all nice cars, and for the most part from a variety of years and styles. They also proudly displayed the next year's show T-shirt draped over their front seat with their particular car featured on the artwork.

As we went through the show, judges were hard at work making notes on clipboards, scrutinizing every small detail, and making decisions on who was going to go home with what plaque, medal, or trophy. There were a lot of really nice cars there, so that judging job isn't something I would envy, that's for sure.

The location was nice, too. I know my wife wasn't extremely excited to spend another day out in the heat at another car show, but Historic Downtown Independence Square has all kinds of antique malls, craft stores, and fun diners and soda fountains to keep the whole family entertained, as well as take a break from the heat.

I took pictures of some of my favorite cars from the show and am including them in the slideshow below. Pictures will never compete with actually being there, but at least you don't have to feel any intense Kansas City heat to look at them.


  1. Wonderful article, Craig. Thank you for sharing our story. It certainly was hot, but then, it wouldn't be Vettes on the Square if it weren't a million degrees outside. Glad you had a good time.
    ~Dea Liang, past KCCA Secretary

  2. Thank you! I did have a great time in spite of the heat, but how could you not have fun surrounded by so many nice cars?!

  3. Wow, I look at things a little different! Whats so great about a car show if they all look the same? You see one you've seen them all! Right? Now before everybody goes off on me let me tell you about real CORVETTS!! I own four of them a 1958 corvette go-cart one of 250, a 1964 stingray convertable 327 365hp, a 1967 stingray coupe 427 435hp tri-power car and a 1974 stingray (shark nose). Thats when corvetts were cool!!! Denny Haller from Nebraska