Sunday, August 29, 2010

Final Downtown Liberty car cruise was a good one. Almost makes you wish 2011 was already here

Saturday night's Liberty car cruise was somewhat bittersweet. On one hand, the turnout was absolutely fantastic. Cars were double-wound all the way around the Historic Downtown Square. They were up and down side streets. They were parked backwards, forwards, and sideways. They were everywhere.

On the other hand, this was the last Liberty cruise of the year. It almost seems to early to bid farewell to such a popular monthly get-together.

This event is a combined effort of the Historic Liberty Merchants, the City of Liberty, and the Mid-America Mustangers Club, and it is easy to see that the work of these groups has paid-off in regards to this cruise.

Liberty is one of those great areas that still preserves the vintage look and feel of their beautiful downtown area. They close off the entire square for this event, and hundreds of cars show up to take advantage of Liberty's atmosphere and hospitality.

And the quality of the cars--where to even begin? There are things out there that most people would be afraid to take out of the garage, let alone display in a casual car cruise with no awards on the line. And yet, they're there; rare Corvettes, vintage Hemis, chrome-drenched '50s cruisers, and of course, thanks to the host club, lots of pristine Mustangs.

A limited selection of restaurants and shops are open for your patronage. Someone was even giving out grilled hot dogs for free! Or, if you're a fast-food junkie, you could have brought in some dinner on your way. That sort of squelches the Mayberry feel, but there were a few folks that went that route all the same.

Whatever your preference, the Liberty car cruise is a reminder of how much history, and how much nostalgia some parts of Kansas City have to offer. It really is a very lovely place, this Historic Downtown Liberty, and a relaxing atmosphere to spend time with rows and rows of old car lovers.

Sadly, this was the last one of the year. But don't worry--there's still one more change to see some cool cars in Downtown Liberty. On September 24-26, the Liberty Fall Festival will feature a parade, an 8K run, craft and food booths, a carnival, and of course, a car show. To stay on top of the latest events in Downtown Liberty, check out

In the meantime, check out the slideshow below. With more than 160 car pictures, this is the largest slideshow I've ever posted with an article. It isn't much, but it's the best I could do to tide you over until next year.

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