Monday, August 23, 2010

The Sunday Gladstone Cruise was a tasty way to cap off a long, hot weekend

After spending a whole weekend in the heat, we decided to cap it off with, what else, another car cruise.

This was the monthly gathering at the Hy Vee grocery store in Gladstone, Mo. The event is hosted by the Cowtown T’s car club, and they tend to have a hit-or-miss success rate with this one. We’ve been to this cruise when they had virtually no cars, and we’ve been here when they had way too many cars to fit in the limited space provided in this busy parking lot. But this weekend’s event was among the best yet, with plenty of nice cars, and just enough parking spots that they were mostly full, but there were a couple left here and there for al little breathing room.

Honestly, the cruise is just an excuse to drive to Gladstone and eat Maid-Rites for dinner. Maid-Rites are greasy loose-meat hamburgers that are sold in a little diner in the Hy Vee gas station building. Doesn’t sound very appetizing? Well, think again. Maid-Rites contain a high-level of tastiness. Heck, we’ve even driven over there to eat these things when there wasn’t a car cruise.

Good Sunday night car cruises are hard to come by, and the Gladstone event has proven to be one of the best in town. Lots of Tri-Five Chevrolets, some really nice high-end hot rods, and of course, a respectable number of T-Buckets from the host club, make this a great way to punctuate the weekend.

Like many area cruises, there’s only one more of these on the schedule for this year. If you get the hankerin’ for a Sunday evening car gathering, you need to be at the Hy Vee at 7117 north Prospect in Gladstone on September 26. After that, you’ll be stuck watching TV or staring at your old car in the garage on Sundays.

You could still go get a Maid-Rite after September 26, of course, but you’ll have to look at a lot full of minivans and Camrys. Maid-Rites are way better when there’s a Deuce Coupe parked in front of the door.

The slideshow below should give you an idea about the kind of cars you’ll see. And for more information, take a look at the official flyer from Cowtown T’s.

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