Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doesn't everyone put their truck in a costume for Halloween?

Halloween brings out all kinds of crazy homemade costumes—and sometimes they aren’t even on people! Take Saturday night during the “Trunk or Treat” event at St. Therese church in Parkville, Mo. In addition to the usual collection of ghosts and ghouls trolling the parking lot for candy, people also fixed up their vehicles to scare and amuse all the kids and their parents.

Our family usually attends this event for our son to score some free Twix bars, but we also set up a candy station in the back of our ’63 Chevy C-10. Naturally, the truck needs a costume too, and what better costume for a rusty old truck than Tow Mater from the Pixar Cars movie.

Everyone had some kind of theme. One set-up featured jailbirds; another looked like a Disco dance floor from the 1970s.  Everyone got into the Halloween spirit.

Normally, it's pretty cold on this date, but this time it was short sleeve weather.  So lots of hobgoblins lined up around the St. Therese parking lot.  We actually got a good parking space where you could see the front and the back of the truck for a change, so we got a lot of comments about the Mater costume.  There were several people that took pictures of their kids in front of the truck.  Some of the kids even tried to talk to it!

Anyway, it was a pretty fun night, and a little different from the normal car shows that we hit.  Dad gum!

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