Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is 'gargantic' a word? Because that's how big the 2010 Basehor-Linwood Project Grad Car Show was

Last year, Basehor, Kan., was one of the coldest, most miserable places that anyone would ever want to be. And yet, the number of entries at the Basehor-Linwood High School Car Show was very large. It was easily one of the better attended car shows of the entire year.

But that great turnout didn't really prepare anyone for what would happen if it had been one of the four absolutely perfect days that seem to occur in Kansas City every fall. But as it happens, one of them fell on Saturday, and this car show exploded.

I heard one announcement that said there were more than 400 cars in attendance this year, and that number would be hard to refute. This was one of those things that doesn't seem that big when you first approach it, but once you start going down all the rows and rows of nice cars, you realize this is a little more than the normal cruise at the local Sonic.

This was the 13th year for this event, which is a benefit for Basehor-Linwood Project Grad. And as fundraisers go, this has to be one of your better examples. In addition to the monstrous number of cars that parked there for $20-a-pop, there were also commercial vendors and concessions, making this more like a well choreographed business venture instead of just a car show.

This was a judged event, and there were lots of awards handed out. But even with some 75 prizes, it had to be hard to decide who got them all, because there were just too many nice cars to choose from.

I took a couple of pictures--OK, who am I kidding--I took a ridiculous 356 pictures, and you can see them in the slideshow below. But judging by the crowd, these aren't of anything you haven't seen already, because you were probably there!

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  1. Craig, Thanks for the great coverage of the show and an awesome gallery of pictures. Hope to see you at the next one. Dave Walker 2010 Basehor Car Show Chairman