Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double coverage of the May 2011 cruise in Historic Downtown Parkville

Mother's Day was Sunday, so there weren't many car shows or races that day. After all, there needs to be one day that we let mom know that we appreciate her going to all these things the rest of the year!

There were several automotive happenings on Friday and Saturday, however. And one of those was the monthly cruise in Historic Downtown Parkville.

This was some of the best weather so far this year, with some people even complaining that it was hot. So a strong turnout was inevitable.

As usual, there was a D.J., a 50/50 pot, and some American Legion guys grilling up burgers and dogs. We also picked up a nice dash magnet to commemorate the festivities.

Cool cars ... where to start? There was a '64 Ford Custom Cab pickup that was about as original and pristine as any old truck I've ever seen. The most conspicuous award had to go to a Munsters-esque Model T hearse hot rod. There was a nice blue'73 Chevelle SS that I was particularly attracted to. And there were a number of great old Firebirds and GTO's.

Speaking of GTO's, I'm sad to report that there was a bit of a casualty this month. There was an absolutely fantastic '67 GTO convertible there, blue with white interior, factory air, three carburetors, basically your ultimate GTO, that suffered an issue. On the way to the show, the owner caught the transmission drain plug on a speed bump, and realized that it was ripped out while it was parked in its space at the cruise. It had to be towed off the lot for repairs. No word on how much an emergency tow on Saturday night will run you, but it was such a nice car, I'm sure repairs will be made swiftly and we'll see it back in action soon.

Of course I took a whole bunch of pictures from the cruise, and you can see those in the slideshow below. But this week, you get an ADDED BONUS! I'm also including a slideshow with my seven-year-old son's pictures. At least until his camera batteries wore out. You may very well like those pictures better than the normal ones. He has a great way of honing in on the details that most of us miss.

Parkville holds these cruises on the first Saturday of the month throughout the summer, so if you want to be at the next one, mark your calendar for June 4.

Craig's Slideshow

BHo's Slideshow

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