Saturday, May 28, 2011

Liberty cruise was the perfect venue for Memorial Day weekend

If you're going to go to a car cruise on Memorial Day weekend, I can't think of a more appropriate place than Liberty, Mo. And so, BHo and I jumped in the truck and headed north to one of the Kansas City area's best monthly cruises.

Well, usually it's one of the best. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy, threatening night, which means a lot of people stayed home.

Too bad for them, because it turned out to be one of the nicest nights for a car cruise that I can remember in a long time. It wasn't hot like it can get here in the summer. It wasn't really cold. It was just a nice, perfect, cool but not uncomfortable night beneath the shadow of the Liberty City Hall and the World War I memorial statue.

And unlike some installments of this event, the cloudy skies meant you could get there a little late, and still get a primo parking spot. The only thing I didn't like was that they didn't block the streets like they normally do, so I was all freaked out that BHo was going to get run into by some damn Honda Accord or a minivan or some other dirty crap box when he stepped back to take his pictures. My fears were for not, however, as we all came out unscathed.

There were still a few nice cars there, though. I'd say around 50 or 60 of them showed up, which actually isn't that bad of a turnout considering. If this had been a normal parking lot show and not spread all the way around Downtown Liberty, it would still look like a lot of vehicles.

Among the notable participants was a nice '71 Buick Skylark GS with a 455 under the dual hood scoops, a sparkly turquoise metal-flaked '56 Chevy that looked like something that was hot-rodded in the late 1960s, and another '63 Chevy C-10 that wasn't mine. Of course, it kind of made mine look bad when he parked next to it!

This is one of those double slideshow deals. The first one is my usual snapshots of the cars. The second one consists of seven-year-old BHo's photographic masterpieces. He was really into the emblems tonight, so if you like car emblems, be sure to check it out.

Craig's slideshow:

BHo's slideshow:

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