Saturday, June 4, 2011

The June Parkville Cruise was great for car lovers; hard on armpits

Summer is definitely setting in. If there was one thing that would have made the June cruise night in downtown Parkville any better, it would have been a giant air conditioner. It was a real test of man vs. deodorant.

Car count was a bit low, too. But there was a lot of car-related competition Saturday. A lot of people probably had enough heat at Kansas Speedway this afternoon, there was a big World of Outlaws race at Lakeside, and there were several other cruises going on around town at the same time.

There were still plenty of nice cars out there dripping with humidity, though. There were several great Corvettes under the farmer's market canopy, including a nice '67 small block. MOPAR fans had several things to get excited about, including a trio of early Barracudas, a Barrett-Jackson-worthy Challenger T/A, and a Plymouth Roadrunner "Superbird" convertible. Even the other half were represented by a V12 Jaguar XKE roadster.

We tend to make most of the Parkville Cruise Nights, mainly because they're close to home. But Parkville is a nice place for an event like this. The town has kind of an old-time, Mayberry-like vibe, there are volunteers helping out with things like parking and concessions, and there are a number of restaurants within walking distance. Tonight, we went all fancy and grabbed sandwiches in the historic Power Plant building.

We had the old truck out there. BHo made up his own car show in the bed with Hot Wheels cars. A few people recognized it from the blog here. But still, no air conditioner for the ride home.

Surprisingly, I ended up with a pretty big slideshow in spite of the light turnout. You can see those pictures below.

Parkville usually holds these things on the first Saturday of the month throughout the summer. But they do take the month off in July because the Fourth of July carnival takes up the space. So the next Parkville Cruise Night will be on August 6.

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