Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One word to describe the June "2nd Saturdays" North Kansas City Cruise: NICE!

I manage to find something to complain about for lots of these car show stories. It's too hot. It's too cold. The people running things got on my nerves. Whatever. I can never be completely satisfied.

But Saturday night, the North Kansas City cruise night had something that is all too rare: perfect weather. I mean seriously, it had to be like, what--75-degrees? We parked under a shade tree. The sun was out. That is the stuff I'm talkin' about.

This cruise night is part of the "NKC 2nd Saturdays" series that they have been advertising pretty hard in local publications. So it isn't all about the cars. They have some craft vendors, artists, and jazz music as well. There was a guy right behind the truck juggling fire sticks.

As far as the cars go, they always get some good ones at this. I have been to it in past years where there were a lot more cars, but I suspect the economy has something to do with the attendance being a little off. I'm seeing this trend at other cruise nights as well, and there seem to be more unfinished cars and less valuable rides out there than there used to me.

There were a pair of '47 Chevys out there; one a nice black convertible, and the other a slick cream-colored fastback parked across the street. There was also a '57 Olds coupe, a '64 Corvette, and a '70 Chevelle that looked like it came straight out of a "Heavy Chevy" street machine model kit in the 1970s.

As usual, I'm including a slideshow from the show, which you can see below. But my seven-year-old son BHo also filled up the memory card on his camera. He really shot a lot of great emblem pictures, so you may very well find his pictures more interesting than mine.

The next North Kansas City cruise will be on July 9, so be sure to mark your calendars. This is the one cruise night that will be a hit with not only the car-lovers in your house, but also the arts and crafts aficionados.

Craig's slideshow:

BHo's slideshow:

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