Monday, August 15, 2011

Excellent weather brought an excellent turnout to the 2nd Saturdays cruise in North Kansas City

I've noticed lately that some of the free newsstand rags like the Pitch and INK have ads in them for the 2nd Saturdays events in North Kansas City. This is an eclectic gathering of crafters, artists, and other vendors, held just behind the First Watch in NKC.

There is also a car cruise involved with this monthly event. Now, when I see an ad in the Pitch or INK, I worry that I really shouldn't be there. I mean, there's an excellent chance that I'm not cool enough to hang with the trendy, young hipsters that they tend to feature in those publications.

But in this case, there wasn't really anything to worry about. The North Kansas City monthly cruise has been a tradition long before it was associated with the in crowd, and it still draws in the same, down-to-earth car guys and gals it always has.

The last couple of months they've been a little light on the car count, but that definitely wasn't the situation this past Saturday. The weather was ridiculously nice, and it had a very positive impact of the number of people willing to put their prized rides on display.

You tend to see a lot of familiar faces at this event, which means it has a nice, family atmosphere. You see a lot of the same cars, too, but there's a good enough selection here that it's hard to get tired of looking at them.

My favorites included a '41 Chevy convertible that was done in sort of a "resto-mod" fashion, but it still included a bunch of period accessories like a rare Deluxe steering wheel, the correct fog lights, and dual spot lights.

I also kind of liked the yellow 1956 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon. You hardly ever see one of these, especially with a big, ol' Hemi under the hood.

Tri-Five Chevys were also a big draw at this show, with at least seven of them in the lot by my count. Of course, not to be out done, there was one '57 Ford Fairlane.

My folks brought the old '61 Corvette up from Shawnee, and parked next to my beater '63 Chevy pickup, thereby drawing any possible attention away from the truck. This in spite of the fact that I washed it off at a real car wash before I got there. Oh well; it's not like everyone can sit in the trunk of the Vette and eat their Wendy's Hamburgers like we did in the bed of my truck. Beauty doesn't always equate to effective tailgating.

The slideshow below should give you a pretty good idea about the lay of the land at this month's 2nd Saturday in North Kansas City car cruise. In the meantime, I'll be looking at the latest edition of INK to see what other cultural events I can crash.

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  1. Great photos. Thanx for sharing. Looks like half the 4 speed cars in America live in your area!
    Some really outstanding cars from what I can tell.