Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nice cars highlight the 2011 Olathe Police Foundation Car Show at the Great Mall

The Olathe Police Foundation has hosted their fundraising car show at the Great Mall of the great Planes in Olathe for the past couple of years, and it is fast becoming a destination for classic car owners and fans each August.

This year's edition was no exception, as a full lot-full of shiny cars and trucks glittered under sunny Saturday skies.

One of the nicest cars out there was a bronze '66 Mustang GT convertible with the rare and attractive Pony interior option. That thing really was impressive, and that's coming from a die-hard GM guy. It even had the correct under-dash air conditioning unit.

Another car that really stood out, and I'm almost ashamed to admit this, was a '72 Cadillac Eldorado coupe done up in full-'70s Superfly style. This car had it all--the big grill shell, the bug-eyed headlight covers, the continental kit, even the custom half-vinyl roof. Side pipes, dummy spots, and of course, the flying lady hood ornament rounded out the look. Now, I'm typically not a fan of lowriders, oversized wheels, and other outrageous modifications. But this Eldorado had some historic prescient, and I could easily see an over-the-top pimp character driving this thing in an old movie.

Some of my very favorite cars ever are 1967 and 1968 full-sized Chevrolets, but you really don't see that many of them around here. There was a '67 Caprice at the Great Mall that I don't recall ever seeing, and it was a pretty slick ride. We're talking about a pristine, fancy, factory interior, rare Blue Light Stereo, factory air conditioning, and the desirable 396-c.i. big block. This car was finished in a very unusual color, a purple hue known as "Royal Plum," and featured a matching interior.

Honorable mentions go to a very nice '82 Corvette with a relatively unusual cloth interior. I also liked a mid-'80s El Camino with the Choo Choo Customs Super Sport upgrade. There was an early Willy's Jeep finished in un-military maroon paint that was awfully nice. And a '63 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 coupe was as nice as they come.

All-in-all, there were lots of neat things to see at the 2011 Olathe Police Foundation Car Show. And, as you probably might guess, I took pictures of most of them, and am including them in the 128-picture slideshow below.


  1. So my 73 AMX was not good enough to make your slideshow and that POS pickup was? You jumped right over it. Thanks a lot

  2. I didn't mean to miss anything. Maybe someone was standing in front of it, and I meant to go back. Maybe the picture turned out bad and I had to delete it. Maybe I just got distracted and forgot.

    I guess the problem with going to all these car shows, taking all these pictures, going home, resizing them all, writing all these stories, paying for my photo account and website domain name, and putting all of this together, all for no money whatsoever, and free to anyone that wants to look at it, is that like everything else, I'm bound to piss someone off.

    Anyway, sorry. I didn't mean to skip your car.

  3. Forget him and his tired 73 AMX.

    Your POS car didn't have what it takes to make it....look at the black one. One AMX is enough....they should have broke the mold after that one.

    Spend more time cleaning it up and less time crying and you may see it on the net down the road.

    Craig keep up the good provide something that many people enjoy and its FREE!

  4. Well, thanks. It really was an accident, though. I'da been happy to post his car--I just missed it somehow.

  5. How DARE you miss a single car at any of the many events you cover? Who do you think you are?

    Good grief-I don't see a guarantee on here anywhere that you have 100% coverage. Someone needs to get a life.

    Keep up the great work-the rest of us appreciate all your hard work!

  6. Seriously? Seriously? Craig, I took a dump last week, and you didn't report on it either. "You jumped right over it. Thanks a lot." Boo hoo!

  7. Oh, boy. You guys are too much ...

  8. Craig, my apologies. I had a bad day and when I saw the slide show I was looking forward to see my car. I'm a dumb a$$. You do a great job with this web site and I do appreciate it. Again, sorry for the bad comment. Tired 73 AMX.

  9. You're not a dumb a$$. You were just frustrated. I understand that. Sometimes I wonder how many people are actually reading this stuff, so at least you helped bring a few people out of the woodwork to comment.

    Chances are, if you've been to enough car shows around town, I've probably photographed it someplace else. Check at the Car Show Index link at the top, and maybe you'll find it in there somewhere. Thanks for reading. :)