Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parkville Days Riverfest Parade was just like the Woodward Dream Cruise. Sort of.

The Woodward Dream Cruise was held in Detroit this weekend. If you love cars, you could simply sit in a lawn chair, and watch all sorts of great cars and trucks parade down Woodward Avenue. You wouldn't have to lift a finger.

Now, Kansas City is obviously not Detroit, and we certainly don't have anything as epic as the annual Dream Cruise, but I did manage to sit in a lawn chair and take some pictures of neat cars as they drove by my location.

The Parkville Days Riverfest Parade was held this weekend in downtown Parkville, Mo., and several pretty cool cars made their way through the cheering crowds.

Actually, the crowds weren't all that huge, and most of them were sort of groaning. It rained just before the parade started, and there were a few more episodes as things got underway. Plus, I think half of Kansas City thinks downtown Parkville is underwater right now. It isn't, but all those news reports every TV station seemed to think they needed to do everyday when they thought the water might rise couldn't have been good for business.

For my money, the parade was a success because of the Ararat Shriners. They had all the best cars. Everything from Corvettes, to dune buggies, to muscle cars, made their way through town piloted by a guy with a fez on his head.

If I could have kept one, it probably would have been the '93 Corvette Indy pace car. I mean, you just can't go wrong with that. But there was also a '66 Mercury Monterey convertible that would have to win the award for most unusual old car in the parade.

There was also a black '58 Ford Fairlane ragtop that cut a pretty impressive path through the overcast atmosphere.

BHo also participated in the parade from the back of a Sebring convertible. It way be his last parade as Mr. Parkville, assuming they don't bring the contest back so he can defend his crown. The lady that has been running the pageant is retiring after more than 30 years, and we're still waiting to see if someone takes her place. They didn't do the contest this year, so that's not a good sign.

No, the Riverfest parade wasn't the Woodward Dream Cruise. But hey, sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

The slideshow below features photos from the 2011 Parkville Days Riverfest Parade, all taken from the comfort of my folding lawn chair. We might not have been the epicenter of the automotive universe Saturday morning, but we had to be a close eighth-to-seventeenth or so.

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