Saturday, September 10, 2011

14th Annual Bill Cliff Memorial Car Show highlights the final 2nd Saturdays cruise in North Kansas City

Throughout the summer, one of our regular stops has been the "2nd Saturdays" North Kansas City car cruise, which took place every month on the corner of Fayette Street and 18th Avenue. There was something for everyone at this cruise, as they combined it with an art fair and jazz music concerts. The event this Saturday night was especially significant, because it was the last one of the year.

I had the old Hovermater at the All Truck Nationals most of the day, so I went home to eat and let some rain showers pass. When I got to North Kansas City at about 6:15 or so, I didn't even realize this was more than a normal cruise. 

This time, they were holding an actual judged car show, with prizes and everything. It was actually the 14th Annual Bill Cliff Memorial Car and Truck Show, and sure enough, at about 7:00 people gathered around the D.J. stand to find out who won the class and peoples' choice awards.

Unfortunately, the competition wasn't as stiff as it probably should have been, because those rain showers I was talking about really hurt attendance.

Not that the cars that were there were slouches by any means. There were three early corvettes: a '64 coupe, a '61, and a '57 (which incidentally, won the peoples' choice award). There was also a Buick Regal T-Type, a Hurst Oldsmobile W-Machine, a really pretty '53 Ford hot rod, and a very cool, very patina'd (I get tired of that "patina" word on old cars, but I'm not sure how else to put it in this case) '32 Ford two-door sedan hot rod.

A few trucks also made it over from the All Truck Nationals (which was held in nearby Riverside), so that was a nice shot in the arm for attendance.

They were also hauling a hay wagon around the parking lot with an old International Farmall Cub tractor for the kids. My son BHo took a couple of turns on that, and even snapped some pictures of the show cars during his journey.

And speaking of pictures, I'm including two slideshows; mine of course, and BHo's. The sun was setting as we took these shots, just as the sun has set on the car cruise season in North Kansas City.

Craig's slidedeshow:

BHo's slideshow:

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  1. That 65 442 is great! and the Hurst Olds...yum. Thanx for posting. Oh, and keep an eye on the sky - the Zeppelin is on it's way to KC. Not to be missed.