Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Everything on Wheels car show was the biggest indoor car show in Kansas City all weekend

The Everything on Wheels indoor car show at the Metropolitan Community College Event Center was definitely different. It was billed as "Kansas City's Premiere Indoor Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show," and I'd say compared to all the other indoor car shows in Kansas City this past weekend, they were spot-on.

OK, so the people that promote the World of Wheels in February don't have anything to worry about. There were, oh, 100 cars on display. Many of them were from the school of gargantic, shiny wheels or the lowrider world. There were also several late-model cars and trucks with modifications purchased in the bling aisle of the local Auto Zone.

But there were several things of interest to the typical reader of this page as well.  One was a nice '53 Cadillac sedan that was well-attended by an enthusiastic owner. Except for the wheels, there was a'58 Impala coupe that was customized pretty close to how they did it in the late '50s/early '60s. And there was a little hot rod Corvair wagon that was pretty neat.

I realize I'm in the minority here, but I'm usually not that into the whole Gasser scene. That being said, one of my favorite cars in this show was a Henry J Gasser drag car that looked like it came straight out of the pages of an early '60s Hot Rod Magazine. From the way it was finished off right down to the wheels and wide-whitewall drag slicks, this was a really neat little car.

I also kind of thought the 1965 Volvo PV544 was interesting. You see these cars once in awhile, but since you're looking at them now, they're a little out of context. The styling of one of these is as modern as a '47 Ford. Think about that for a second--a car built and sold in 1965 that looked like it was made in the '40s. They actually started making the Sweedish compact in 1943, and '65 was at about the end of the run. But when you look back on it now, it's really a pretty cute, likable car. The one in the show was particularly nice.

Another thing worth noting is that there was not one single Corvette in the whole place. There were Mustangs, Camaros, and '57 Chevys, but no Corvettes. I'm just tossing that little factoid out there, because you certainly don't see that very often.

Now, if the main show wasn't enough, there were several other little displays worth checking out. The KC Slammers Model Club had a nice scale car show set up just as you walked in. There were several vendors, including a remote control racing track that you could try out, and models from the "Diamond Girls" were there to brighten things up.  Stacey David of SPEED Channel fame was also supposed to be around.

It was $35.00 to enter a car, or $12.00 to check them out. If you didn't want to spend the money, but still want to know what it was like, you're in luck. More than 180 pictures are waiting for you to see right below this article.


  1. The 'big' car turn out looks a little weak, but the model cars would be worth the trip!

  2. Yeah, it wasn't too bad, though. I figure in about a month from now when the weather gets bad, a car show with two cars in a storm cellar will be worth the trip!

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