Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Car show pictures that actually turned out sort of OK

I was recently reading an article about the legendary Peterson Publishing photographer Eric Rickman in an issue of Hot Rod Deluxe. It talked about how he had to be somewhat selective when he clicked the shutter, because it was obviously not as easy or cheap to take as many photos as you wanted back in the days before digital cameras.

Of course now, when I go to a car show, I can take 1,000 pictures at a time if I want with no penalty whatsoever. And that’s a good thing, because admittedly, I am not a very good photographer. Virtually every picture I take on here was captured by my little, red Sony Cyber-Shot point-and shoot. None of them are going to win any contests. Some of them are just flat-out blurry.

But on occasion, probably once every 2,500 pictures, something shows up in the slideshows that is actually sort of OK. That’s what’s nice about taking a lot of pictures—sometimes one of them will accidentally be good.

The instances where the lighting is nice, the subject matter is interesting, I don’t wobble the camera all over the place, someone doesn’t walk into the shot, and my goofy reflection isn’t visible, all at the same time, are few-and-far between. So when something actually looks decent, I think it’s worth taking a look.

Now I’ll bet that some real photophiles are going to look at these pictures and say things like, “that’s not a good composition; it’s over-exposed; the lighting is off,” etc. And you know, they’re probably right. I’m in no position to argue with an expert opinion. But these pictures looked nice to me. Plus, I usually had to squat down or get real close to something, so I should get some points for that.

Anyway, this slideshow has pictures that I took at various car events around town, and for whatever reason, I thought they were nice enough to separate out of the pack. Digging around for them actually gave me a chance to look back on some of the great car events this past year, and long for the days when the word “snow” wasn’t creeping into the forecast.


  1. I think you are too hard on yourself--an outstanding collection!

    Just keep telling yourself that winter just lasts a few short months...

    In the meantime, have a great Christmas

    The Observer

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your checking things out here all summer.

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. C,
    Well, your red Sony Cyber-Shot point-and shoot
    either has a mind of its own or a GREAT
    operator !!!!!
    You do outstanding work, not only the pictures
    but the editorials of the events !
    I'm sure you've heard the ole saying "He's like
    horse manure, he's everywhere" ! Well that
    sure describes you and the automotive world.
    You cover so many events and then share with those that cannot be there.
    Thanks TONS !
    Don -
    Basehor Boys

  4. Very nice selection of photos. The forsythia will be back in bloom before you know it and... I'll have the 'other' Packard drivable so I can bring it out to the local shows (he said with fingers crossed).

  5. agree with the others. nice shots. of course, good or bad, i'm just glad you're out there taking the photos to share with us!

  6. Don - I'm sure this isn't the first time someone has compared me to manure ...

    JD - I'm looking forward to seeing the new car out and about next year. Not that there's anything wrong with the black one!

    Mike - I just wish I would have started doing this long ago. We were going to just as many things before the Internet, but no one had the ability or foresight to take any pictures. I would love to look back on some of that stuff now!

    I really appreciate everyone checking in here. It's nice to think people are enjoying what gets posted. Thanks, everyone!

  7. I'm a little late, but add me to the chorus of "great pictures and thanks for posting them". Whilst maybe not an expert, I have had a couple of images published prior do the 'digital age' and I can say with certainty that many of yours are of very high quality.
    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.

  8. The car shots are more than ok. They came out great with the shots. Awesome work there.