Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Well, it's Super Bowl time, and for every person that is excited about the game itself, there are two more that are watching it for the commercials. And why wouldn't they? When you think about the investment that a company puts into a spot on the big game, you realize that you are watching something pretty special.

A 30-second spot during the 2012 Super Bowl broadcast can cost as much as $4-million, and that doesn't include the millions of dollars it takes for the actual production. Many of them are directed by A-list Hollywood talent, and use the same types of special effects and processes as major motion pictures.

Naturally, there will be the usual ads for tortilla chips and beer, but for the purposes of our little community, the car ads are at the top of the list. Here most of them, in no particular order.

Chevrolet Silverado - Apocalypse

Audi - Vampire Party

Cadillac ATS - Green Hell

Honda CR-V - Matthew's Day Off

Acura NSX - Transactions

Toyota Camry - Reinvented

Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Think Fast

Chevrolet Camaro - Happy Grad

Volkswagen Beetle - The Dog Strikes Back

Suzuki Kizashi - Sled

Hyundai Veloster - Cheetah

Chevrolet Volt - Aliens

Kia Optima - A Dream Car. For Real Life.

Chevrolet Sonic - Stunt Anthem

Lexus GS - Beast


  1. Could care less about the football game OR the grossly overpriced commercials myself, [I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet] but had to look at the suzuki one because of the dogs. Great Malamutes and Husky mixes, but Lord have mercy! That noise...Mute it and it's pretty cute. [the commercial - not the car] :)

  2. Oh yeah - same comments about the VW spot, but I dont get the 'star wars-ish' ending; I know, I'm terribly un-hip...

  3. Maybe I am un-hip, too. No idea about the star wars ending. =) Nonetheless all are great and I can say they're all winners.