Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adesa Corvette and Specialty Sale brings big-time collector cars to a big-time auction

Everybody knows when the big Mecum classic car auctions come to Bartle Hall, but that's not the only place in Kansas City where people bid on their favorite collectable cars.  The Adesa Auto Auction in Belton holds their Corvette and Specialty Car Sale a couple of times a year, and sellers and buyers from all over the country get together to swap a little vintage metal.

Thursday was the Corvette portion of the sale.  Corvettes from every era and every generation make their ways across the block.  Some of them sell; some of them don't.  But it's a nice barometer on the strength of the collector car market, and of course, it makes for some great entertainment.

I really liked the blue-on-blue '66 small-block roadster with gold line tires, knock-off aluminum wheels, and side pipes.  I could definitely see me taking that for a long drive in the country.

There was also a very lovable yellow '68 roadster with a 427, Rally Wheels, and red lines.  Generally, I like Midyear Corvettes better than the third-generation type, but in this case, the '68 may have been my favorite car on the lot.

If you like your Corvettes a little older, there was a pretty nice '60 there for you.  This black-over-red two-top was one of only 759 equipped with fuel injection that year, and the owner claims 29,284 original miles.  I can't verify how true or not true that is, but regardless of the actual mileage, it would be a neat car to have.

There were more than just Corvettes, though.  Friday was all about the specialty cars.  Everything from 1930s classics, to hot rods, to muscle cars were awaiting new homes.  Whether you like Tri-Five Chevys, pickup trucks, or pace cars, there was bound to be something to satisfy your needs.

There were also quite a few exotic type cars there.  I don't see many Maseratis and Bentleys in the places I hang out, so they do tend to make an impression when I see  several of them in one place.  Aston Martins are pretty good looking cars, don't you think?

Adesa normally holds dealer auctions for manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler.  They also have a big factory Harley Davidson sale, and various powersport and specialty sales throughout the year.  It is a truly enormous place, with on-site detail and repair facilities, an army of employees, and paved vehicle storage lots that extend as far as the eye can see.  It is a formidable place to be sure.

As usual, I leave you with the requisite slideshow of cars from Friday's festivities.  Sadly, I did not come home with any of these.  But like you, I can look back on the slideshow and dream.


  1. ADESA? Are you sure? ;) I've known them for selling insurance salvage cars... There were some really nice looking cars there - the Corvettes [especially that blue midyear you pointed out], Aston, Chevelles, and that 64 Dodge! All that and no 'ring men' [I assume] - whats not to like?

  2. Yeah, you'd be surprised how nice it is out there. The manufacturer dealer sales are a big deal. It isn't like some independent auction company. That place is impressive!