Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy little turnout at the Gladstone monthly cruise

Gladstone, Mo., is the site of one of the lesser-known car cruises out there, but it has an advantage that the others can't claim.  On the last Sunday of the month throughout the summer, the Cowtown T's hosts this event in the parking lot of the Gladstone HyVee. 
But what draws me in is the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe that is located inside the adjoining gas station.  Those loose-meat burgers have been around since the 1920s, but I never could understand why they didn't take off more.  I'd rather eat those than a normal McDonald's or Burger King any day.

The participation was relatively light this time.  This is a holiday weekend, and it was a little cloudy, so not everything was in its favor.  But there were still a few nice things to check out.

Among them was a really slick little '64 Corvair.  This looks like a pretty original sedan, and the red-over-white color scheme really stands out.  It was a great car, and so far has managed to survive close to 50 years without skeetering out of control and killing its owners.

There was also an old Manta kit car that was drawing lots of attention.  BHo said it was the Hardcastle and McCormick car (how many other eight-year-olds do you know that could have pulled out that reference?).  It did have quite a presence, and the big V8 in the back made lots of noise when he roared away from the show.

There were also some nice hot rods, a Li'l Red Express Dodge pickup, a Buick Grand National, and a number of Corvettes.  There was even a trio of modified late-model Camaros.  Even with the light turnout, there was a pretty good variety.

 So here's the good news: I took 80 pictures.  Here's the bad news: I had the settings a little off on my camera.  So at least you have a slideshow down there to look at, but the color is a little weird.  Hopefully this will encourage you to come out to the Gladstone cruise next month and take some better pictures for yourself.


  1. Wow... that colour really IS off; makes it look like there was a bright yellow car with a bright red interior there... ;)

  2. that black, white and tan one that's really low to the ground with the big "hood" and floppy fenders is pretty cool. one of those was the PV Bark 'n Blues this past weekend too. :-)