Saturday, June 9, 2012

Extensive coverage of the North Kansas City 2nd Saturdays Cruise misses out by a nose

Here we are, closing in on the dog days of summer.  Temperatures were over 90-degrees on Saturday, and air conditioners were getting a workout.

Of course, that also means that the car cruise season is in full-swing, and evidence of that could be found in North Kansas City during their "Second Saturdays" event.

I just had sinus surgery a couple of days ago, so even though I wanted to get some pictures of the cruise, my strategy was more get in/get the pics/get out.  My information said the cruise started at 3:00, so we got there around 4:30, figuring that there'd be a few cars at that point.

There were some cars there, but they were really just filtering in.  We decided to take a look at the craft and jewelry booths and check out the improvisational comedy show that was set up on the side street.  It was entertaining enough, and allowed a few more cars to make their ways to the lot across the street from the North Kansas City Pro Bowl.

One of the best vehicles there for my money was a 1966 Chevy C-20 4X4 that was brought in by Tony Smith.  He deals in '64-'66 Chevy pickups, and every car show season he seems to have another really nice one to show off.  From the grey V8 to the stock interior, that rig was as slick as could be.

There were several early-'70s Chevelles (most of which were, in fact, 1970 models), a nice '78 Thunderbird that we see around town quite a bit, and a variety of interesting hot rods.

We left at about 5:45, and we were still meeting cars on their way in.  If I had been a little more up to it, I would have driven my old truck (which is right now known as the "stitch popper") instead of my cushy, air-conditioned Impala, and I definitely would have stayed longer to catch some more cars.

At least to make up for the lack of coverage, my eight-year-old son BHo had his camera ready to go, so in addition to the usual pictures that I always seem to take you can get a different perspective by checking out his work.  Plus, one guy let him sis in his hot rod and took his picture.  No one ever does that for me!

Check out both slideshows below.

Craig's North Kansas City Cruise pictures:

BHo's North Kansas City Cruise pictures:


  1. BHo is doing a really good job!
    Agreed on that 66 Chevy 4wd... delicious. As is the 65 Biscayne, the purple Charger, The flamed Ford, etc etc....
    Thanx for the photos and get to feeling better soon!