Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nearly 200 fine Fords occupy parking spots at the Bass Pro Shops in Olathe

Kansas City has a lot of great automotive traditions.  From our auto assembly plants to our local car racing, this cowtown keeps the wheels turning.

We also have several significant, long-running car shows here.  And for 28 years, one of those shows has been the Mustang and Ford Show, presented by the Mustang Club of Kansas City.  Held at the Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, this is the show where all the high-interest Blue Ovals, both old and new, gather each and every year.

How big is this show?  We're talking top three awards for 13 classes.  Everything from daily drivers to trailer queens and everything in between is recognized at this one.

Some of the more interesting rides included a '69 Mercury Cyclone Special.  This was no ordinary Cyclone, mind you, but a rare Cale Yarborough edition with the long, superspeedway-style nose.  It was made as a factory tribute car when Yarborough was kicking butt on the NASCAR circuit for the Wood Brothers.  Definitely not something you see every day.

Carroll Shelby may have passed on recently, but his spirit was alive and well with some of the cars at this show.  From 427 Cobras to Hertz Shelbys to a spectacular Deluxe Jade 1969 GT500 Convertible. 

Of course, being as this is hosted by a Mustang Club, Ford's popular Pony Car dominated the entries, and could be found in virtually every iteration.  In addition to the Shelbys, you could see Mustangs with GT, LX, Boss, Twister, Dominator, Jack Roush, Kenne Bell, and many other badges throughout the parking lot.

These pictures were provided by HMC reader Scot Shamet, who reports that 194 cars were in attendance.  Scot has a 2008 F-150 that he primps and babies so much that it's a wonder it has any paint left.  He won first in his class, which is not really a surprise, but he was still able to break away and get us a few images.

Take a look at Scot's nice work in the slideshow below.

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  1. Was a great show - thanks to the MCGKC for putting it on.