Monday, June 4, 2012

Whoo whoo! Talking over the trains at the Parkville Car Cruise

I like the Parkville Car Cruise. Not just because it is close to home, but because it has a nice vibe, and lots of cars show up. The latest edition of this monthly event was Saturday night, and as expected, the nice weather drew in nice cars like a moth to a porch light.

One thing that is not particularly peaceful about this event is the train traffic. The Farmer’s Market parking lot at English Landing Park is right next to a railroad crossing, and a Burlington Northern locomotive seemed to be blasting through there every five minutes. I’m not sure if it’s all that annoying. Maybe it just adds to the charm. But at any rate, the constant rail activity is part of the downtown Parkville experience, whether you like it or not.

I do like the small-town quaintness of this locale, though. BHo loves looking at the rocks and Legos in the H.M.S. Beagle Science Store, so we took a break from the cars to go check that out. I kind of wanted to walk over to Stone Canyon and take out a pizza or some sandwiches, but I was overruled in favor of the burgers that were being grilled at the car show. Then we walked across the street and had some ice cream cones from the little shop on the corner. All of this stuff is a short walk from where you parked your car.

There was no shortage of interesting cars to look at. 1964 Buick Rivieras are neat anyway, but the one at this event was black with a red interior. That’s just a color combination that makes my knees buckle. A ’60 Chevy Nomad Wagon caused me to do a double take. And an orange ’69 GMC Jimmy almost gave me the urge to go camping in the mountains.

There were several Corvettes on hand, including a blue ’57 that would be very difficult to find fault with. There was also a red ’64 roadster that had that mostly original feel to it that is so hard to find anymore. They don’t all have to be perfect to stand out.

Early Camaros were also pretty easy to find here, but there were a couple of genuine knockouts. A nice Butternut Yellow ’67 RS/SS coupe looked downright appetizing sitting on its correct Rally Wheels. And a Marina Blue ’67 RS coupe with factory air, a vinyl top and accessory wire wheel covers that pulled in just as we were about to leave really caught my attention.

As usual, the Parkville Cruise delivered. And of course, now you’d like to attend the one next month, wouldn’t you? Well, you can’t. They have a big Fourth of July celebration that puts the kibosh on the car cruise. So you’ll just have to wait until August 4 for the next one.

While you’re waiting, check out the slideshow below.

Or for a nicer version of the slideshow, click this link.


  1. Lots of really great cars and trucks there - thanx for sharing the pix. However, I'm gonna hafta show my ignorance here...[like THATS never happened before!] what in the wide world of sports is that inline engine in that chanelled pickup thingie about 10 photos in? I've looked 3 or 4 times and cannot place it. Interesting looking powerplant.

  2. Someone told me once that it is a German 5-cylinder diesel used in big trucks.