Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vineyard Church Grand Classic Car Show better than you might expect

At first, you might not think that an annual church car show would be that big of a deal.  But if that's the case, you've probably never been to the Vineyard Church "Grand Classic" Car Show, which is held every July just north of Smithville.

Organizers clearly are doing a good job of promoting this event, because they are getting a large selection of quality cars and trucks.  Even with the toasty temperatures, the cars made this a pleasant place to be.

I had a couple of particular favorites.  One was a very nice 1955 Chevy Cameo Carrier pickup.  With their fiberglass bedside panels and fancy interiors, Cameos really were Chevrolet's attempt at a Corvette pickup.  Those bedsides were even manufactured by the same company that made Corvette bodies.  This one a really pretty example, and even featured a cooler in the bed that had been Cameoized.

I also lusted after a '64 Corvette convertible.  I've seen it before, but really can't get enough of it.  This car was black (and I mean deep black)with a bright red interior, which is my favorite combo.  Because of their drum brakes and non-defining features, many people consider 1964 the least desirable year for the Midyear Corvettes.  But those people haven't been looking at one like this.  This car was fantastic.

My wife picked a baby blue '57 T-Bird as her favorite, but with a caveat.  She says, "it needs a tire on the back." She's obviously a big fan of the '56 T-Bird, which came with that tire tacked on the back of course.  Personally, I like the '57 the best of the Baby Birds because I'm not a particular fan of Continental kits, and I like those pointy fins.  But this is a debate that has lingered in Thunderbird circles since the beginning.  Mainly, I'm just happy that she takes an interest.  And if I won the lottery, she'd be cruising in a '56 T-Bird in a heartbeat.

There was a little bit of everything at this show, though.  There was obviously a strong participation from the Model A club, because there were lots of those out there.  Two cars were fixed up as police cars, including a '59 Chevy and a '52 Plymouth.  And there were muscle cars, hot rods, and classics down every aisle.

The Vineyard Church Grand Classic Car Show is shaping up to be one of the better events in the Kansas City area.  And as usual, if you missed it, I'm including a 215-photo slideshow below.


  1. Great photos. Thanx.
    And I personally prefer the 64 Corvette - I like the horizontal side vent treatment without the fake vents in the hood of the 63. Not being an NCRS type, when I get rich and famous, I'm going to have a 64 and then put discs on it...just right. :) [oh, and 69-up rear camber arms and bracket too. Or maybe even adjustable ones like on my70. and...]
    Gotta like that 71 Torino droptop too. And the 52-3-4 Panel was nifty - dont see many of those around. Nor do you see many Pontiac Venturas. Last nice, silver one of those I saw was in high school, driven by a rather attractive redheaded girl as the matter of fact... :)

  2. Craig,
    That is a great event ! Met a friend when we went one
    year and we shared our tent..again was hot probably 5-6 yrs
    ago now "Brad" and his Essex street rod, and we've
    ran into each other many times since.

    Again good story and coverage, keep it up !

    "Basehor Boys"

  3. I had a great time at the event. I will go next year for sure.
    aka TeeMack Photography

  4. Craig and others,

    Thanks for the great write up and positive comments! We are prowd of what we have put together and its evident by all the participation of great folks and their beautiful works of art!

  5. It sure does look pretty rad especially for that condition and restoration status. Thanks.

  6. This looks very cool, I can imagine myself riding that vehicle. Thanks for sharing.