Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 Goodguys Mid-Western Nationals Sunday: Here comes the sun

The Goodguys Mid-Western Nationals is typically the biggest car show in Kansas City, and Saturday is usually the biggest day.  In 2012, this was still the biggest show in town, but rains on Saturday kept most of the cars away until Sunday.  Bright sunshine ensured that the car count was more like what people have come to expect on the final day of the show.  They also open up this day to allow later-model vehicles, which obviously adds to the festivities.

Over in the award-winners section was this green ’32 Ford highboy roadster.  I thought this was one of the neatest cars there.  With the old-style tires and Halibrand wheels, it looked right from a distance.  And once you got close, you saw all the little details.  The Chevy small block topped with dual carbs looked like it was straight out of a late ‘50s Corvette.  A lot of people poo poo Ford hot rods with Chevy power, but not me—not when they’re like this.  Look through any Hot Rod magazine from the golden age of hot rodding.  This is how they did it.  And I think it looks great.

I also really liked this ’66 Caprice.  This one had a 396 big block and factory air, and the cool blue interior against the white exterior looked great.  And speaking of that interior, these Caprices were as nice as they came in there.  They were very upscale, especially for a Chevrolet.  This one had bucket seats, factory center gauges, and other nice details.  If I had to drive a car from this show to Colorado this afternoon, this Caprice would be a good choice.

This ’56 Ford Customline was a nice car.  It looks like it was painted Bermuda Blue, and featured vintage styled mag wheels and 296-c.i. Thuderbird Y-block power.  The straight chrome exhaust tips and four-on-the-floor added to the old-school charm.  This car was simple, but sometimes simple is all you need.

Since the later-model cars were there on Sunday, I want to feature a car that wouldn’t have been allowed on Saturday.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of these big ‘70s General Motors intermediates, and this ’73 Chevelle SS was a pretty nice one.  I love that top treatment on these, and the swivel bucket seats are very cool.  No, they weren’t performance monsters like earlier Chevelles, but you also don’t see them as often. 

I caught this ’56 Buick two-door sedan cruising through the lot, and I have to say, the red and white Special looked pretty good.  Normally, I don’t think old Buicks make the best hot rods, but this one looked great with its ’58 Dodge Royal Lancer wheel covers.  I guess it was maybe lowered a little bit too, but other than that, the modifications were minimal—which was perfect.  On a car like this, moderation is the key.

Take a look at this nice ’66 Corvette convertible.  I liked this one more for what it wasn’t.  It wasn’t a big block.  It wasn’t black and red.  It wasn’t loaded with options.  But it was neat as a pin, and that Sunfire Yellow paint was better than new.  The 327-c.i. small block under the hood was just fine, and I even liked the standard wheel covers.  These old Vettes don’t always have to be monsters to be cool.  By the way, the reason those guys in the background are looking over there is because a guy had just clobbered the barricade with a 2000 Corvette in the autocross event.

If the cars that I featured don’t light your fire, don’t worry.  I took 638 pictures on Sunday, and you can see them in the slideshow below.  Or click this link for a better version of the slideshow.


  1. Craig, as usual you out did yourself. Great pics and coverage. We all needed the rain but it would have been nice if it came Tuesday. Oh well still many cool cars and people. I actually think I like the venue outside the track. It's a straight shot to walk it and using the underneath the grandstands gives everybody the shelter or shade, what ever we need.

  2. Thanks, Dale! Yeah, it worked out OK. I kind of like the idea of being in the infield, but it is definitely less stressful and more convenient where they had it this year.

  3. Fantastic cars and coverage ; Thanx! I agree completely on that yellow Corvette - sweeter than honey. And wasnt that a 'multiplexer' in that Caprice?!?
    So many standouts I don't know where to start...

  4. Thanks! Yeah, that Caprice was really nice, and loaded with options. This is always one of my favorite shows, because you never know what you'll see.

  5. The ’56 Buick sedan is definitely my best. It looks amazing and well maintained. The red and white rims take the must have been a fun-filled day. I'll try to attend future events :)

  6. It was our 3rd year of going great show,great cars!! Awesome pics Craig glad mine made your list keep up the good work!!