Monday, May 20, 2013

Good stuff at the Bates City BBQ Cruise

Last month my mom was kind enough to shoot some pictures of the Bates City BBQ Cruise in Shawnee, and this month I was able to check it out myself.  And I’m glad I did, because I was able to see some nice cars that I normally don’t see at my usual car cruise stops.  My dad and I were on a citywide car show tour Saturday, and this one’s in dad’s neighborhood, making it a logical stop along the way.

This ’69 Malibu convertible was a nice car.  It wasn’t officially part of the car show, but it was still in the parking lot, so it couldn’t escape the camera.  It had obviously been painted sometime in its life, but Azure Turquoise has never been impervious to sun damage.  It is a pretty color, though, and it was finished off nice.  Otherwise, this little 307-powered car looked original.  And it’s kind of nice to see one that hasn’t been “turned into” an SS once in awhile.

This is a 1939 Buick Series 80, more commonly known as a Roadmaster.  Just the name tells you something about this car.  It’s big.  It’s quiet.  It’s the king of the road.  This one had later model emblems, modern wire wheels, and radial tires, indicating that it may have had a bit of a resto-mod treatment.  It’s a classy car, though, especially with that Art-Deco waterfall grille.  This is the way to arrive at a car cruise in style.

From the same era, and nice in its own right, is this ’41 Chevy coupe.  This was a really straight car, with good upholstery and some desirable accessories.  You just gotta love all that chrome and Bakelite on the dashboard.  The inline Stovebolt six was good for about 90-hp on one of these, and it would have been about $750 brand new.  If they were as nice as this, I’d buy every one I could get my hands on for 750-bucks now!

This ’63 Falcon Futura was pretty neat.  It was all black with a red stripe, and had some mods like polished Torque Thrust wheels and Thrush side pipes.  Of course, the Falcon was the basis for the Mustang, but they were interesting in their own right.  Unlike the Mustang, they look like a small version of the full-sized Fairlane, top and all.  And that’s not a bad thing.  I especially like the interior with the floor shift, bucket seats, and chrome-drenched center console.

Check out all the pictures in the slideshow below, or click this link for a better version.


  1. Gotta love that Chevelle 300 too ; dont see many of those anymore. Actually, didnt see many even bitd!

  2. That Chevelle 300 is a nice car. Mostly original, including the interior, although it does have a big block in it now. Everything was put together very well, though.