Monday, April 28, 2014

Very nice cars at Cars and Coffee

Cool Springs is a very nice suburb south of Nashville.  And to go along with the very niceness of the area, the cars are very nice as well.  Every Saturday morning, a group of very nice people get together with their very nice cars for their Cars and Coffee event behind the Carmike Theatre.  Last Saturday, the only fly in the ointment was me, snapping away with my little camera.  And so, here are a few of the cars and trucks that stood out to me.  I hope you have a very nice time reading about them.

I think this is about a ’74 Ford F-100 pickup.  It was in overall pretty original condition, and looked sharp on its later-model aluminum wheels.  This wasn’t exactly truck country, so this was a bit on an anomaly in this group, but it was welcome all the same.  It’s always nice to see anything from the ‘70s that hasn’t rusted to the ground, and this one wasn’t even close to that state.  The owner gave me a hard time because I was wearing a Chevy jacket while I took these pictures.  I’m not going to get rid of that anytime soon, but I did enjoy looking at this truck.

If you like first-generation Camaros, this ’69 Z/28 should knock your socks off.  Even among ’69 Camaros, of which there are many, this one stands out.  Z/28s didn’t have the giant motors in them, but their 302 small blocks were plenty potent.  These were designed more for corner carving, as they were developed for the Trans Am racing series.  This one was extremely nice, with all its grease pencil markings and paint daubs, houndstooth interior, and teakwood steering wheel.  It even had period-correct Goodyear glass-belted tires wrapped around its Rally wheels.  This one was magazine-worthy.

No, McFly, this is not a DeLorean.  Several years before that gullwing arrived on the scene, The Bricklin SV1 was the hot ticket in weird sports cars.  It was named after Malcolm Bricklin, who has successfully and unsuccessfully navigated through the auto business for decades.  The SV stood for “safe vehicle”, and the Bricklin was really weighted down with beams and bars and whatnot.  They did have either Ford or AMC power under the hood, which is more than you can say for most performance cars today.  This is one of 2,854 of these that were built in between 1974 and 1976.

Here’s a ’32 Ford three-window coupe that fits in the category of ultra-high-end modern hot rods.  You can tell that no expense was spared in building this car.  The sapphire blue paint was flawless.  The leather and suede interior was crafted to the highest standards.  And the wheels appeared to be some custom-built billet jobs that resembled large versions of the old Halibrands.  I reckon you could buy a Ferrari with the money it took to put this car together, but a Ferrari would never be as unique as this.

If you like these very nice cars, there are 117 more pictures from the same place in the slideshow below.  Or, click this link for a better version

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