Saturday, January 7, 2017

6th-Annual Tennessee Motorama moves to Lebanon in 2017

Tennessee’s first snow of the season took place this week, which means it’s time for the 6th-Annual Tennessee Motorama. This indoor winter car show moved from its original home in Murfreesboro to the new the Wilson County Expo Center in Lebanon. And although the salty, snowy roads kept a few show cars away, there were still several vendors there selling a nice variety of automobilia. It might not have been the biggest turnout based on the circumstances, but it was still worth the short trip north of Nashville. I know I’ve been getting a little stir-crazy for a local car show.

I’d say the most impressive car at this event was this 1931 Auburn 898A Convertible Sedan. This show traditionally attracted more rat rods than anything else, so a big ol’ shiny full Classic was definitely an attention-getter. You wouldn’t think a royal blue car with maroon accents would be too classy, but this car easily pulls it off. The blue paint-and-chrome knock-off wire wheels were very striking as well. I’m not sure about the coarse vinyl material that was used to upholster the seats, but I guess not everything can have buttery soft leather. Money was tight during the Great Depression, but as you can see by this Auburn, some of the finest cars in history were produced at that time.

This ’65 Mustang fastback is a car show regular around the Nashville area, and I can see why the owner wants to show it off to people. The workmanship on this build is exceptional, with deep black paint and perfect vinyl upholstery. The newer-style dashboard is a nice touch. The mirrors, the wheels, and really all the little details are what make this one stand out. I normally don’t get that excited about customized first-generation Mustangs, but it would be impossible not to like this one. It has to be one of the slickest customized Mustangs I’ve ever seen.

This ’53 Chevrolet pickup was awfully pretty. The tangerine orange paint and white pleated interior was as refreshing as a Creamsicle. This one had the restomod treatment, with modern wheels, chassis, and mechanical hardware. There was something about it that I liked better than normal, though. It was sort of a combination of stance, color, and quality that made this stand out over the run-of-the-mill modern restoration. It was a nice, clean build that really popped.

In addition to the car show, the Tennessee Motorama features a swap meet. There were some car parts, but there were more signs, toys, and model cars than anything else. I’m always on the lookout for dealer promo models, and my son has a developing interest in Hot Wheels Red Lines. He actually ended up with this Hot Wheels Action City playset, which we purchased from MusicCity SpeedNostalgia. It’s in nice shape, and it fits right in with his collection. There are some surprisingly nice old car toys still out there, and sometimes they show up at an event like this.

I took pictures of all the show cars and anything else that caught my eye at the 2017 Tennessee Motorama. Check out the entire photo album by clicking this link!


  1. great collection of photos.
    Well done

  2. After looking at your photos of that Chevy Pickup, it is obvious that the owner really did an exceptional and tasteful restoration. HIs pristine additions certainly would be appealing to a car person like you, Craig...I really liked it as well. Once again a great article with a great selection of cars and memorabilia...Roger G Grotewold Chevrolet Oldsmobile Garage, Larchwood, Iowa

  3. Nice pics....always Tom