Friday, August 31, 2018

3rd-Annual Pink Christmas Car Show at Rivergate Mall brings good cars together for a great cause

I like pretty much any car show, but they’re even better when they support a good cause. Such was the case with the 3rd-Annual Pink Christmas Car Show, which was held last Saturday at the Rivergate Mall in Goodlettsville. This event supports breast cancer patients and survivors.  There was a nice group of cars gleaming under bright sunshine, live music, food vendors, swap meet booths, and more. You could tell that the show organizers really put some thought into this one. I was on my way up to Kentucky for the Somernites Cruise, but I couldn’t resist stopping at the mall on my way out to see all the nice cars the locals had to offer.

As a Chevy guy, I’m happy to report that the Bowtie dominated the entrants at this one. Camaros were by far the number one entry, covering old and new models alike. I’m going to focus on an old one, namely this 1969 RS/SS coupe. There were a handful of other ’69 Camaros at this show, but this one particularly appealed to me because it had old rally wheels (with ’67 centers), and I like those better than modern ones. It also was a small block, and most of the others had a later-made big block. Hugger Orange is always a popular color on these, and the black vinyl interior beneath the black vinyl top stays cool with factory air conditioning.

You never see a non-NASCAR-themed 1999 Monte Carlo at a car show, but maybe you should. I drove these when I worked at the racetrack, and my wife actually owned one, and I have to say, they were much better than most people gave them credit for. I really did like them. This Torch Red Z-34 looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. I also believe that the 3800 V6 engine was one of the best plants GM ever built. I liked seeing this at the car show, and I wouldn’t have any problem driving it to California. When you see these cars now, most of them are rough hunks of crap, so it’s very nice to see one in this kind of condition.

If the same person that bought that Monte Carlo new strolled into a Chevy dealership 30-years earlier, this is likely what he would have been interested in. The owner of this Bolero Red ’67 Chevelle SS stated that it was a “basket case” before he started restoring it. It’s certainly not a basket case now, as every detail from the paint to the tires is executed perfectly. Of course this car would be fun to tear up the streets in. It has a 396 big block with a four-speed—come on! But then it’s so nice that it would be hard to go out there and mess it up. I suppose that’s a dilemma that the owner needs to work through. As far as looking at it in a car show, it’s great for that.

I guess if you looked real hard you could find a nice Ford or two among the Chevys. This ’78 Ford LTD II was particularly outstanding. It’s not easy to make a big brick like this seem sporty, but Ford managed to do it with this two-tone Dark Red and White paint scheme and graphics package. Earlier in the decade this model would have been known as a Ford Elite, but in ’77 Ford replaced that with the Thunderbird and went with this car as a smaller alternative to the full-sized LTD. Smaller is relative, though. Just the front fenders on this thing are longer than a Chevy Spark. At any rate, this car was in pristine condition, and as something a little on the unusual side, it was also pretty cool.

This pretty 1947 Chrysler Windsor is a regular at car shows in the area. There’s something about the shiny maroon paint paired up with those Kelsey-Hayes Chrysler wire wheels that really sets this car off. They have velour seat inserts, a modern radio and air conditioning, and the pedals would indicate possibly a modern drivetrain. I’ve noticed a for sale sign in the windshield of this for most of the show season now. I hope they have it at the “I don’t wanna sell it” price, because the current owner makes it to a lot of car shows. I wouldn’t want someone less enthusiastic to take it out of circulation, because I like to look at it too much.

If you like to look at car pictures, here you go. There are 181 photos from the 2018 Pink Christmas Car Show, and you can see them all by clicking this link.

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