Sunday, September 12, 2010

Surprise coverage of the Second-Annual Posse Car Club Car Show in Riverside

I spent most of Saturday out at the Midwest All Truck Nationals at the E.H. Young Park. While I was out there, my wife called me on her cell phone. She and my six-year-old son BHo had just arrived to see me.

"We're outside the park waiting to get in, but there's a train parked across the tracks," she said. "Oh, and we also stopped and took some pictures of--"

"Don't tell him!," I heard from the backseat.

Well, when they finally got in, BHo was excited to show me mom's camera. And sure enough, there was a complete set of pictures from the Second-Annual Posse Car Club Car Show at the Vision West Shopping Center in Riverside, Mo. And the coolest part about them was that BHo took all the pictures himself!

BHo has taken car show pictures for me before, but these were better than ever, probably because I wasn't standing behind him telling him what to take.

It looked like a great car show from the pictures. BHo said I'd like the gold '69 Impala, and he was right about that. There was a nice, red '55 Thunderbird, one of mom's favorites. And there was a lead sled-style custom that looks like an early-'50s Ford product matched up to a '70s front-wheel-drive Eldorado chassis that was BHo's pick of the show. He took all kinds of neat pictures of the details, like the bubble skirts, the dummy spots, and the pinstriping.

Actually, that is the best part about his pictures. I usually just go through and take pictures of the whole car as I move on to the next one. BHo gets up on the details and takes much more interesting shots.

I thought his pictures from this car show were a nice surprise. And it's a surprise that I get to share with everyone that logs on to this blog in the slideshow below.

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