Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drive to Survive Car Show in Edwardsville raised money and hopes for Dorian Comeau

The biggest car show we ran across this weekend was the "Drive to Survive" benefit event in Edwardsville, Kan. This was put together for a popular owner of a performance shop, Dorian Comeau, who suffered serious injuries in a car accident last May.

Dorian was paralyzed from the neck down, and the show raised money for surgery costs, wheel chair provisions, and other necessities. It also drove home the idea of wearing your seat belt. All-in-all, pretty good reasons to hold a car show.

This was definitely a nice turnout. There were cars parked all around this industrial park area, as well as in the fields surrounding those lots. And unlike some car shows, the spectator parking, where normal cars were sent, may have been bigger than the car show.

The cars were somewhat different than what we're used to seeing. Dorian's place sold superchargers and turbos, so there were several cars so-equipped. There was a healthy turnout of '80s model V6 Buick Regals, for example. There were also quite a few late model cars, and certainly more foreign examples than we usually see at the local cruise nights.

As terrible as Dorian's situation is, it had to be pretty encouraging to know that so many folks out there to support him and send their prayers and good thoughts.

To take a look at the cars and trucks in attendance at the Drive to Survive Car Show, I've included nearly 100 pictures in the slideshow below.

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