Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rock 'Em Out Car Show and Rockabilly Day brought cool cars and crazy characters to Zona Rosa

You have to admit, the weather is pretty darned stellar in Kansas City for mid-October. Normally a car show would be a miserable, cold affair right about now, but that was no such problem for the Rev 'Em Up and Rock 'Em Out Car Show and Rockabilly Day presented by Fat Fish Blue and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City in the Zona Rosa shopping area.

I think this was envisioned as sort of a upscale shopping version of the Greaserama show, and there were a few gritty hot rods, girls with bright red lipstick, and guys with their jeans rolled up. There were a couple of newer cars slipped in there, like a Chevy SSR and a Plymouth Prowler. But really, what do you expect when you're a block away from an Old Navy store? I kind of like those SSRs anyway.

They also were to feature live Rockabilly bands, although when I was there they were playing a Bill Haley and the Comets CD. But there was a stage set up and everything, so I'm sure they rocked the block throughout the day.

Of course, I was there for the cars. And if you're a car-lover, it's hard not to enjoy yourself at a nice place like this with the streets lined with sun-drenched collector cars. I'd say it was a great way to spend the day.

They also had a bunch of stuff they were selling raffle tickets to win, and proceeds from that went to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

As usual, I'm not forcing you to simply rely on my description to get the feel for what this was like. There are also a few pictures of the cars that were there in the slideshow below.

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