Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Battle Force 5 - from the Requests and Dedication line!

The Director
 “Dad—I have an idea you can do for an article.”

I have to admit, I love it that BHo, my first grade son, even cares enough to come up with story ideas. He gets drug to car shows and races and things all summer. He waits around a lot while I wash the car. I couldn’t ask for a better kid when I’m doing what I want to do, so I can’t very well take his requests lightly.

“Yeah, what is it?”

Battle Force 5

“Oh. OK. Well, um, what do you want me to write about?”

Chillaxin' at the burger place
Just so you know, Battle Force 5 is a Saturday morning cartoon on Cartoon Network. Our heroes, the Battle Force 5, jump into their tricked-out battle cars, blast through a “storm shock portal”, find themselves in some kind of horrid alternate reality, and fight the bad guys that are in there to get the “battle key” and return home.

Did you ever see the syrupy, discombobulating effects in the live action Speed Racer movie? It’s a little like that. When BHo bursts into our room and demands that we turn this on, I can barely even tell what it is I’m looking at. I usually just go back to sleep, because I’m pretty sure watching Battle Force 5 without your glasses causes seizures.

Called to the Mobi for a secret mission
 “We could take pictures of my Battle Force 5 Hot Wheels cars and you could write a story about them.”

There’s another little problem with Battle Force 5. The show is sponsored by Hot Wheels, so naturally, there’s a whole line of die cast cars and accessories.

Unfortunately, BHo inherited the collecting gene from his dad, so when he gets into something, he can usually wear us down until we start encouraging it. My wife will tell you it’s all my fault, but she has purchased her fair share of Hot Wheels cars in the last couple of years too. I say it’s all her fault. Why did she have to come out with such an irresistible child? Curse those big eyelashes!

Through the storm shock portal
Anyway, back to the story. He has asked me to do a story like this before, but I was able to stall him. But this time, I could tell he was not going to let off until we took some pictures.

After an intense production meeting, it was decided that we were going to recreate a scene from the show. It doesn’t really matter which episode; they’re all pretty much the same. The gang starts out eating at the fast food place on earth just like regular, good natured kids. Then the creepy Sentian lady interrupts their fun so they can go save the universe, then they “kick some alien butt (dialogue taken directly from show transcripts)”, grab the floating key, blast back through the portal, and wind up where they started at the fast food place.

The bad guys await them
Thanks to BHo’s stellar directing abilities, I think we were able to capture the essence of Battle Force 5 in our photos, as well as add our own artistic flair. Look out Steven Spielberg, you’re about to be run down by the next big thing in entertainment!

 By the way, if you want to corrupt your children the way we have, Battle Force 5 is on the Web at

Kicked alien butt
Battle Royale

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