Thursday, November 25, 2010

The world's most hellacious hue. More than 200 black cars in recognition of Black Friday

Black Friday. Just the name strikes fear into those that hear it. The traffic. The crowds. The lines. The misery. Is a 40-percent off really worth this?

Black is also an important matter for car freaks. The richest of all paint colors, it can be so shiny; so deep; so reflective; so beautiful.

It can also be a huge pain in the, uh, yeah. Swirl marks, scratches, and fingerprints are enough to drive anyone crazy. And it looks dirty before you even get it home from the car wash. Henry Ford can sit on a short stick—I say, any color BUT black!
Then again, it is classy. I’ve got a black car, and I get all tingly when the sun hits it just right. My son checks himself out in the door like it’s a fun house mirror. People tell me how beautiful it looks all the time.

Of course, I have to wash the damn thing three times a week. I had a goose in my office parking lot that was making out with its reflection in the bottom of my door. I couldn’t figure out why the paint was getting all scratched up until I caught him in the act one day. I don’t even like other people to close the door when they get out of it, because they leave fingerprints all over the place.

You’d have to be some kind of goob to own a black car. Well, apparently, there are a lot of goobs showing up at car shows around here. The slideshow below has more than 200 examples of hot rods, trucks, muscle cars, customs, and more. And all of them are finished in the same hellacious hue. I could have probably found twice this many pictures if I kept looking, but I needed to get to the car wash before it got too dark out!

So without further adieu, enjoy my photo collection of great black rides—all dressed up in their tuxedos and ready to party. Unless they leave the party and make out with a goose.

Happy Black Friday!


  1. That black Izetta is wicked looking


  2. Just found you via Hemmings! Neat site. I have a black PT Cruiser which just looks totally awesome with its black all shined up and the aluminium wheels clean.

    But what a lot of work...

    Next car: Silver. Swear to God.

  3. That Isetta was pretty wicked. Not sure how fast I want to make a car in which you sit behind the front door, though!

    My wife has a silver car, and it is very easy to keep looking clean--but it sure doesn't dazzle you like a clean black one!