Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remember your old cars with a scale model

Like most people, I sometimes miss the cars I sell. Usually, I get rid of them for a good reason—like the new one is better—but still, I get attached to them.

Of course, unless you have unlimited funds, you can’t keep ‘em all. And since that is the case, maybe the next best thing is to pick up a diecast or build a model of your long lost prized possessions.

I got in the habit of building a model of whatever car I own years ago. Truth be told, my models aren’t show winners or anything, but they mean something to me. I still find myself studying my old models and thinking about what it was like to drive that car, or I think about the fun places I went in that car. I’m pretty sentimental anyway, so it doesn’t take much to send me into dreamland.

Sometimes it’s hard to build a model of your car exactly. I usually try to make them from 1/25th-scale plastic kits, but they don’t make kits of every car. Sometimes you might have to improvise by using something that’s close and modifying it. Sometimes you can find an oddball resin casting of your car and go from there. Sometimes, you maybe just aren’t going to ever find anything close to your car (although I’ve never had anything rare or special enough that that ever happened).

The slideshow below contains pictures of actual cars, followed by a model or two that resembles it. Like I said, I know they aren’t modeling masterpieces or anything like that, but I enjoyed making them. What’s more, unlike the actual cars, I plan to own the models forever.

I did a story kind of like this on the Examiner, but this one has way more cars and models, and I went back and took more/redid all the pictures to hopefully make things more entertaining.  There are also captions, so make sure you hit the little balloon in the bottom left corner.