Monday, January 3, 2011

The KC Classic Auto Display in Lenexa officially brings Christmas vacation to an end

Well, I've hit the end of the road. Having a week off around Christmas has been great, but tomorrow, the harsh realities of life set in, and it's back to the daily grind.

In a last ditch effort to incorporate a car activity that doesn't involve buying gasoline, Dad and I made a stop at the KC Classic Auto Display in Lenexa to see what vehicular treasures were in stock.

The KC Classic Auto Display has been in this old industrial building for many, many years. Occasionally, they'll get something that'll knock your socks off, but usually they stock a bunch of B-list muscle cars and cruise night specials. Some of them are offered for sale by the business itself, some are sold on consignment, and some are just being stored for the winter.

Today they seemed to have an overabundance of Pontiacs. Not that I'm complaining--there's nothing wrong with Firebirds and GTOs. One of the coolest was a black '60 Catalina two-door sedan with a red Bonneville interior and eight-lugs. It wasn't something you see everyday, and the subtle modifications were spot-on.

There was even a celebrity in the house. Usually I wouldn't even give an '85 Subaru Brat a mention, but this one was actually used as Joy's car in the TV show My Name is Earl. I read that earlier in the year they were selling a bunch of Hollywood star cars at last May's Mecum Spring Classic auction in Indianapolis, including the My Name is Earl El Camino and a couple of Mercedes from The Hangover, so I'm guessing the Brat came from there.

Other notables included a Shelby GT500 KR convertible that looked pretty formidable, two '69 Camaro Indy Pace Cars, a Bobcat Edition GTO, and a fuel-injected '63 Corvette. We saw some of this stuff at the Mecum Auction in Bartle Hall in December, but this was certainly more of an intimate setting.

I went ahead and snapped some shots of the good stuff, which you may browse below. Taking pictures in that building is a little like taking a picture of the Velveeta in the fridge when the door is closed, but you can probably at least make out most of them.

Heck, I'll probably be looking at this photo album tomorrow from my office computer, remembering with fondness the long vacation ... that went by much too quickly.

For more information on the KC Classic Auto Display, you can always go to their website at


  1. What is the badge on the rear panel of that Barracuda? It looks almost like a Ghia badge.

  2. Yeah, I thought the same thing when I went to take the picture. Actually, it is the Gran Coupe logo, which was apparently a "luxurious" version of the Barracuda.