Saturday, January 1, 2011

Big ol' car wreck on an icy road in Colorado Springs. It may be bad, but impossible not to watch

File photo of other cars on a slick road
OK, I usually don't post the video of the day, and I know it's wrong to be entertained by other peoples' problems, but there's something about this video that I find entertaining--in a twisted sort of way.

It's just a slick hill on South Carefree and Powers in Colorado Springs.  And you'll notice that in spite of the mangled, abandoned cars that already litter the street, more attempt to make it up the hill.

Anyway, if you've ever been a little out of control on an icy road, you'll probably experience a little of the pucker factor when you watch this.  But be warned: the guy taking the video says some bad words.  So if you're offended by bad words, or you have kids in the room, you know the risk before you click.

So here it is.  Enjoy.  But, you know, feel bad that you are enjoying it.

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