Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Downtown Liberty Cruise took the word "cruise" literally, because there wasn't anyplace to park

We arrived thirty minutes after the Downtown Liberty Car Cruise was to begin. The entire downtown square was available on both sides of the street all the way around the courthouse. And yet, we were too late to get a parking spot.

This was one big turnout. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the weather was perfect in every way. And it was the first Liberty cruise of the year. And this is always a popular gathering. And people learned all about it by reading the upcoming events story here on Hover Motor Co. OK, maybe that last one was wishful thinking.

This Liberty cruise is popular for good reason. It is really a neat location, with a combination of big city Art Deco architecture paired with a quaint small-town feel. There are several restaurants that are staying open while the cruise is going on. And the host club, the Mid-America Mustangers, do a great job of promoting the show and keeping things organized.

Naturally, since the Mustang club was in charge of things, there were quite a few Mustangs--in fact, there were more than 100 of them. But there were plenty of other cars to check out as well.

A couple of Pontiacs really caught my eye, including a nice '61 Bonneville, a really striking bright red '70 GTO Judge, and a mean lookin' red-on-red '65 GTO two-door sedan.

There was also a stunning Ascot Blue '70 Monte Carlo that I have been lusting over for a few years now, two '60 Impala coupes, even a Ferrari 360 Modena.

The slideshow below contains a cool 200 photos from tonight's cruise, so take a look through there and see if you can find your favorite car or truck.

And if you think this looks like a fun time, be sure to check out the next Downtown Liberty Car Cruise. They have them on the last Saturday of the month all summer long.

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