Sunday, May 1, 2011

The KCAA Corvette Show at Superior Chevrolet was a good place to do some fantasy shopping

Corvettes. Lord knows I love 'em. If they had enough room for my wife and a child booster seat, and if the good ones weren't so freakin' expensive, I'd own one. Hell, I'd own a dozen of them--I'm not really sure which year, style, and color I like best.

But alas, that is a dream for another time. So while I patiently await the windfall that will never come, I have to look at other peoples' Corvettes. And this weekend, there was no better place to do that than the Kansas City Corvette Association's (KCCA) annual show at Superior Chevrolet in Merriam, Kan.

The new Malibus and Cruzes were stricken from the main lot and showroom, and in their place were rows and rows of shiny, delicious Corvettes.

There were several real standouts among this crowd. Of course, the star of the show had to be a silver 1963 Z06 coupe. These were essentially factory-built race cars, and came with a fuel-injected, 360-hp 327. They also had a beefier suspension and special, heavy-duty brakes. Only 199 of these were built in '63, and only a handful remain. They are among the most desirable and valuable Corvettes out there.

But honestly, my fantasies involve Corvettes that I would be a little less afraid to drive, and there were some of those out there as well. There was a really unusual, and really appealing maroon over maroon leather '65 convertible that would be really hard to turn down. '64s usually aren't what many collectors consider to be the most desirable, but there was a black over red leather convertible that I couldn't take my eyes off of. And there was a yellow '69 convertible with a yellow hardtop that was pretty enough to make a grown man cry.

Of course, since Superior is a Chevy dealership, they had a nice assortment of new and used vehicles mixed in that would probably be of interest to this crowd. On the Corvette front, they had a couple of lust-worthy ZR1s and Grand Sports. They also had several exotic and expensive supercharged Callaway Corvettes.

They were also showing off a few Camaros, including several appealing examples of the all-new convertible, and a couple of Callaway-altered versions with clear windows in the hood for viewing the shiny, polished superchargers.

If you are a fan of the Star Spangled Sports Car, there was no better place to be than Superior Chevrolet for the KCCA Corvette show. But if you weren't there, I've got you covered too. There are more than 100 pictures from the show in the slideshow below.

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