Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big fun at the Westwood MICROCAR meet

The MICROCAR meet at the City Hall building in Westwood, Kan., was packed with cute little international commuters, specially designed for the narrow streets and high fuel prices of many European countries. So I rolled up in my big, black '96 Impala SS. When you think about it, I was responsible for the equivalent of three micro cars all by myself.

OK, I couldn't be part of this show, but the cars that were there really were interesting to look at. Some of them, like the crazy front-door access Isettas and true-to-their name Minis are fun, in a scary, stay off the interstate sort of way.

There really were some nice ones there. A little, green, low-mileage Morris Minor sedan was nice enough for any collector. There was a Crosley fire truck that understandably drew plenty of attention. Or, if you're more into Crosley appliances, there was one that was built from a Crosley freezer.

One of the real attention-getters was an early Honda 600 that someone made into a two-seat roadster. At one point, the owner drove it from the car show area to a matching full-sized bus, where he proceeded to drive it up into the luggage hold.

I went to this show at the suggestion of one of my Facebook friends, and I'm glad he let me know about it. Mainly because my son (BHo) gets a kick out of these little cars. Of course, he thinks they're just the right size for him, and reminds you with frequent, "I could drive that," quips.

From MG's to Volkswagens, and from King Midgets to Sunbeams, there was definitely something there for any micro/mini car fan. And with the way fuel prices seem to be going, this may be the next really hot facet of the collector car hobby.

I'll leave you with a little double picture coverage today. Mine are the normal, boring, old straightforward pictures of cars. BHo's slideshow takes care of the details, like emblems, badges, and the occasional rust hole closeup. Between the two galleries, I'd say we covered this pretty well. Check out the pictures, and hopefully you'll agree.

Craig's slideshow:

BHo's slideshow:

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