Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyone happy at the Basehor Boys Park in the Park car show except Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be a cranky old broad when she wants to be. Obviously she woke up on the wrong side of the bed when the Basehor Boys car club decided to plan their big Ice Breaker Park in the Park show on Saturday.

Billed as, "similar to Ottawa cruise," The Basehor Boys were setting their sights pretty high when they modeled their event after the southern extravaganza. And they had a lot of the correct ingredients. The Basehor City Park is a very nice, tranquil setting. The Boy Scouts were busily cookin' up some vittles. And they had music scheduled by the local bluegrass band "The Fairmounters".

But the reason they couldn't quite reach the epic proportions of the Old Marias River Run had a lot to do with the weather. Lower 50s for a high, cloudy, windy, drizzly, suck-ey.

Still, the hearty bunch that was there when we stopped by seemed to be making the most of it. Wrapped up in their Snuggies and parkas, people seemed to deal with the weather hiccup just fine. Everyone was happy, everyone was checking out the cars, and like I've said before, the smaller turnout made everything just a bit more relaxed and enjoyable.

And even as we left to head to the next car event, we still met cars trickling in. Later in the evening they planned to caravan to their usual monthly cruise at the Basehor Sonic Drive-In. So based on that, I'm guessing that as the afternoon progressed, things got a little more promising.

And anyway, there was a '57 Chevy, a '69 Camaro, and a '40 Ford, so it met the criteria for a full-fledged car show. Actually, there were several interesting cars to look at. You didn't see many real high-end cars there thanks to the threatening skies, but what they had were representing the old car hobby very well.

As usual, I took a few pictures from the Basehor Boys Park in the Park Car Show, and you can check them out below. And hopefully, they can continue this tradition and have an even bigger turnout next year. Maybe one of the Basehor Boys should spring for some flowers for Ma Nature next Mother's Day.

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