Sunday, May 22, 2011

HMC goes bigtime with national coverage of the BPOC car show in Colorado

While I was out at the Nebraska Furniture Mart car show this weekend, I had a couple of people ask me why my dad didn't bring his old Corvette out. Well, he probably would have, but he was on special assignment as HMC's national correspondent, bringing up-to-the-minute coverage of the annual Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac (BPOC) show in Greenwood Village, Colo., near Denver.

Truth be told, the car show was just an excuse. He was really there to visit his old high school friend Pat Casey, who invited him to ride out in his very nice '61 Pontiac Catalina four-door hardtop. 

This show is presented by the Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club, and is open primarily to General Motors vehicles. This is the seventh year for this popular outing, which is held in the Shepler's Western Wear parking lot.

Dad reports that the field was mostly made up of the featured marques, but there was one GMC Caballero, and a Hudson. Go figure.

From the pictures, it looks like these Colorado boys aren't messing around. There's a gorgeous yellow over red '54 Skylark in there, a yellow '48 Buick Roadmaster that you can't tear your eyes from, and you can't go wrong with a bright red '58 Bonneville. I can also see a bronze '56 Eldorado in the background of one of the pictures, and if I had my dad on the phone while he was taking pictures, I'd tell him to get his butt back there and shoot it.

Pat and dad also went to a cruise in Colorado Springs, so they sent a few pictures along from that. I love getting pictures like this, because they are different cars than we're used to seeing around here, and I know my personal picture style gets a little repetitive. It's nice to get a different take on things once in awhile.

The slideshow below contains pictures from both the BPOC show and the cruise. The BPOC photos were actually taken by Ed Roush, and unwitting photographer that the guys befriended at the show. Pat took the cruise pictures. There aren't all that many, so I'm combining them together in the same slideshow for your viewing enjoyment.  And I want to thank my dad, Jim Hover, for going to the show, Ed Roush and Pat Casey for taking the pictures, and Pat for sending them to me.  Good stuff, guys!

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  1. That IS a nice '61 Pontiac.
    More good pics. I want at least half of those rides.