Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wagner's Classic Auto Sales in Bonner Springs definitely had some impressive hardware on hand last weekend

Visiting Wagner’s Auto Sales in Bonner Springs, Kan., can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Sometimes the showroom is loaded with high-end vintage machinery, and sometimes the pickin’s can be a little slim if they’ve sent a bunch of cars to an auction somewhere.

When we went there this weekend, conditions definitely favored the former, as we were able to look at some of the neatest cars you’d ever hope to see. I’ve been to museums that don’t have anything near this good in them. It was well worth the trip.

One of the stars was a ’57 Chrysler Saratoga coupe. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever even seen one of these in person, but I sure was impressed. When people talk about that Virgil Exner-designed Chrysler “Forward Look,” they are talking about cars like this. There was a nice ’57 Chevy Bel Air coupe sitting right next to this car, and it looked downright frumpy in comparison. This thing had to look like the car of the future in 1957 when you compare it to cars from other manufacturers of the day. And it was nice, too. Wagner’s claims it only has 33,000 original miles, and much of it is original. $59,000 takes it to a lucky new home.

There was also a 1960 Chevy Bel Air two-door sedan that really hit you between the eyes. Complete with a factory-appearing 348-c.i. mill, four-speed, and wide steel wheels, this thing just tempted you to mortgage the house to come up with the $65,000 asking price.

A beautiful, blue ’65 Corvette hardtop roadster was one for the purists. It had obviously been spotted in here and there, but it was otherwise very original, and dare I say “survivor” material.

They also had one of the nicest ’66 Impala SS convertibles that I’ve ever seen. Loaded to the gills with a 396 big-block, air conditioning, optional gauges package, and much more, this car was headed out the door to its new home somewhere in the Middle East.

Other standouts included a stellar ’59 Impala with a 348 and three carburetors, an uber-unusual ’52 Dodge Coronet, and a couple of GTO’s, fixed roof optional.

Wagner’s is located at 741 Front Street in Bonner Springs. They do let you go in there and dream, but be warned. The cars are so impressive and well-presented that you might have a hard time keeping your checkbook in your pocket. For more information, visit

And, before you head out, take sneak peek with the photo slideshow below.

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  1. never been there, but i visit their website on a regular basis and sorta drool. they had a slick '65 (i think, maybe a '64) el camino with a custom two-tone paint job, red and black. very nice. and all things considered, rather affordable compared to some of the cars they offer. - mike t.