Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nice little car show at a nice big hardware store. The story from the Nuts and Bolts True Value in Bonner Springs

Sometimes people like to compare the size of their local hardware store to Wal-Mart. Well, the Nuts and Bolts True Value store in Bonner Springs does them one better. It actually was a Wal-Mart. And to draw more interest to the new 28,000-sq/ft facility, Nuts and Bolts held a car show over the weekend in their expansive parking lot.

This wasn't a huge car show, but it certainly had some exceptional cars. There's a maroon '53 Skylark that we see around town sometimes, including the Art of the Car Concours and the Ol' Marais River Run, and whenever that car shows up it adds quite a bit to the show. The exotic Buick made an appearance here, and made a big impression as always.

That wasn't the only gem in the lot, though. There were three Midyear Corvettes, a '60 Oldsmobile '88 coupe, a nice red-on-red '70 GTO convertible, a '55 Mercury Montclair coupe, and maybe a dozen hot rods. Most of them were pretty familiar faces to local car show-goers, but they were still all nice to take another look at.

For October 22, you couldn't have asked for a nicer day. It has been know to snow in Kansas City by now, and before we got done, we were shedding our jackets and wishing we had worn shorts. I thought about just throwing my jeans in the trunk of my car, but luckily, my good sense took over and I avoided that.

I actually wasn't aware of this show until last Thursday, and if it hadn't been for HMC reader Don Mayberry sending me an e-mail, I probably never would have known about it. I always appreciate it when people let me know about these things so I can get them on the calendar, and sometimes even go check them out.

I am including two slideshows for this one. The first one includes the normal pictures that I took, and the second contains pictures taken by my seven-year-old son BHo. He recently lost a tooth, and I noticed that some of his pictures have him smiling really big in the reflection of chrome things. I guess he was checking himself out. The scrape on the fender of the Tempo was a nice touch, too. Enjoy!

Craig's Pictures:

BHo's Pictures:


  1. Craig,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures this summer from all the different car shows. I know it takes alot of your time on weekends, but once again, sure appreciate it. We take our car to shows and have seen you there almost every time. Charles and Deb from KCK

  2. Thank you very much--I really appreciate you saying that! :-)