Friday, October 28, 2011

The sun (literally) sets on the Longbranch TGIF Cruise in Overland Park

One of the latest-running car cruises of the season in the Kansas City area is no more. Amid the harsh setting fall sun, the Longbranch Saloon TGIF Cruise in Overland Park held their last event of the year Friday night.

This final cruise was sort of a melancholy affair. For most of the year, they tend to get a huge turnout at this event. For this last one, however, the car count was quite light. If it hadn't been for the Corvette guys, there barely would have been any cars here at all.

Too bad, because it really was a pretty decent night, and the opportunities to do these types of things are going to be few-and-far-between from here on out. Sure, it was a bit cooler than what we've been used to, but if this were January 28, and people could drive their cars to an event like this under these conditions on salt-free roads, you know it would be packed.

Most of the Corvettes were of the late-model variety, which isn't a bad thing. But there were a couple of Midyears that stood out in my mind. My favorite was a maroon '67 convertible. Equipped with what I assume was a 327 based on the closed hood, and definitely with a four-speed, Rally wheels, and black leather, it was a nice example of what is without a doubt my favorite year of Corvette.

There was also an '84 Fiero there that I thought was pretty interesting. '84 Fiero? Huh? I know, I know. But it really was a nice one. This particular example happened to carry the Indy Pace Car package, and everything from the two-tone interior to the white and red-striped wheels just screamed '80s-cool. Heck, I remember back when Fieros were new, I thought they were pretty awesome. Of course, I was eleven years-old in 1984.

There were a couple of neat Plymouths, including a fun-looking '47 sedan (note the third brake light, way before the government mandated them in 1986), and what I believe was a '70 Roadrunner with a clashing, yet appealing blue interior.  They don't build enough cars these days with a stripe down the entire side of the body that represents the yellow smoke trail from a cartoon roadrunner.

Early '60s full-sized Chevys were represented with a bright red '62 Impala SS coupe that was just pulling out as I got there, and a maroon '64 409 SS convertible with an unusual old wheel treatment. There was a also nice, straight '66 Impala convertible with a lady hiding in the passenger seat.  And really, you can't have enough Impalas at a car show--that's what I always say.

Slideshow below.


  1. I can't see your slides on the iPhone, I came later and found a 1960 chrysler windsor along with some left over Chevys. Alas it was too dark for a photo.

  2. Yeah, that was there, but I think I've mentioned it before.

  3. Yessir, that RoadRunner is a 70. The interior looks to be the "correct" colour of blue, tho the armrest thing doesnt appear to be original. Note the tops of the doors - they appear to be good ol B5 blue too. The exterior has been repainted in an aftermarket [clashing] colour. Personal choice i know, but i can't imagine NOT painting one B5 blue myself... ;) Of course, given the colour of my first car, I might be a bit prejudiced!
    And you are correct - you can never have too many Impalas!