Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wagner's Classic Auto Sales is the place for shiny things in Bonner Springs.

If you’ve got some time to kill and want to go see a few really nice old cars, you could do a lot worse than checking out Wagner’s Classic Car Sales in Bonner Springs. I like make it a regular stop, because the cars are always changing.

When you’re looking at my pictures, you may notice a disproportionately large number of them devoted to one ’59 Impala. Clearly, I was smitten with the small-block/Turbo Glide/factory air machine. Some of that had to do with the colors—sparkling Cameo Coral Metallic and Snowcrest White over a stunning Inca Silver interior.

My wife has a late-model Impala, and as I stare at this ’59 it is just hard to believe that they are the same kind of car. That old one is just trimmed out so nice. Everything from the seat material, to the chrome, to the hundreds of little bits of space-aged jewelry is just so beautifully over-the-top. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine my wife tolerating a car with so much length, width, and overall bigness. Things have really changed in the last 50-years.

They also had a really great custom on the floor. Judging by the dashboard, I’d say it started life as a ’42 Buick, but it has undergone the full lead sled treatment. Some of the more recognizable bits and pieces include ’47 Cadillac taillights and hubcaps, ’55 Pontiac front bumpers on both-ends, mini ’59 Impala steering wheel, '50 Buick Port Holes, and ’56 Oldsmobile headlight buckets. The most notable feature had to be the expertly chopped and re-worked roofline. I’m always a big fan of these early-style top chops when they make everything this smooth and rework/slant the side window glass like this.

If you like your classics a little newer, you move into muscle car territory with a buttery Lemonwood Yellow ’66 Buick Skylark GS convertible. This was a really sharp car, sitting on stylish Buick Road Wheels wrapped in red lines, and powered by a 400-c.i. Nail Head. I’d love to be able to just borrow this car on a nice weekend and go cruisin’.

Wagner’s obviously doesn’t have a huge number of cars in their modest showroom, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. In business since 1968, Willie Wagner and his staff really seem to know how to choose the right cars. And with their in-house body shop, they also know how to get them detailed and ready to sell like no place else.

For people who love cars with a couple of hours to spend, I always recommend heading to Wagner’s Classic Car Sales in Bonner Springs. Who knows, you might like something there so much that you have to bring it home with you. Check out their website at for more details.

For people who love cars with just a few minutes to spend, I always recommend checking out the photo slideshow below.


  1. Would the kustom Buick be the Phoenix that I believe Jack Walker owns? I think so but I can't tell looking at it on my phone.

  2. You're right, it is that car! Although if it is in this show room, Jack Walker obviously doesn't own it anymore. Thanks for adding that information to the story!