Sunday, July 1, 2012

The North Kansas City Centennial Car Show was hot

Let's face it.  If you have a car show during one of the hottest days in the history of June, schedule it during the absolute hottest part of the day, and locate it in the middle of an un-shaded asphalt parking lot, you're not going to get much of a car count.

To wit: the Centennial Car Show hosted by the North Kansas City Rotary Club.  This thing was Saturday from noon to 4:00.  I almost can't think of a more miserable scenario.

And yet, there were some nice cars on display.  Of course, we've seen most of these before, because only the most loyal car show regulars were there, as you might expect.  But the cars looked great soaking up that sparkling midday sun.  And I really mean that--every one of them had beautiful, shiny paint and perfect bodywork.  My truck would have been towed off the lot!  If it hadn't been so gross out, it would have been a great show.

As an added bonus, the North Kansas City Fire Department had a neat little display of vintage fire trucks right across the street.  A couple of them were brought in by Paul Webb, a collector in Avondale, who told me that they were originally in service right there in North KC.  One Chevrolet panel truck was reportedly the first ambulance in North Kansas City, and a very original 1947 Seagrave served the area until 1968.

During the few minutes while we were looking at the cars, BHo acted like he was so hot he was going to instantly burst into flames.  But then the carnival opened up, which was part of the 100-year Centennial Celebration in North Kansas City.  Suddenly, he "really wanted" to ride on the motorcycles and go down the big slide.

The advantage to that is that I was able to take a picture of my car from on top of the big slide, so that was pretty exciting.

Unless someone showed up later, I snapped multiple pictures of every car in the show--all ten of them.  Plus, I'm including a few of the fire trucks from across the street.  And as always, you can see them in the slideshow below.


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