Monday, July 1, 2013

Went to Roxanne's for breakfast and a car show broke out

So Saturday we were eating breakfast at Roxanne’s Cafe in Parkville when a bunch of people showed up with Ferrari outfits on.  One guy even had a Ferrari logo on his phone.  It was pretty obvious that there was going to be a bunch of Ferraris parked outside.  So, when we finished eating, we went around the corner, and there they were.  Bam.  Instant car show.

Roxanne’s does a pretty strong breakfast business, and it’s not bad for someplace close to home.  But you rarely see interesting cars around here.  That must be why everyone that drove by slowed down to look at all the Ferraris.  And they really are pretty impressive sitting there like that.  I mean, I’ve never driven a Ferrari, and I don’t honestly know much about them other than what I read in magazines, but you know you’re looking at something special when they’re all lined up in the Roxanne’s parking lot.

I’m usually attracted to bigger cars, and this 599 GTO stood out from the line of red with its pearl white paint, red leather, and Mirabeu Racing Livery stripe.  This was one of two cars with a Montana license plate in the lineup.  These have an MSRP of around $460,000 when new, so you can’t blame the owner for wanting to wear a Ferrari Polo shirt or something.  Yeah, it’s expensive, but it has a 6.0-liter V12 in it similar to the vaunted Enzo.  Plus, have you seen what vintage Ferrari GTOs are going for these days?  Incidentally, there was actually a late-model Pontiac GTO in the lineup with the Ferraris, so this car wasn’t the only one.

If you’re on a budget and can’t cut 400-large, you can pick up one of these 458 Italia Spyders for around $260K.  This one immediately has some advantages over the 599, because it’s arguably better looking, it take up less room in the garage, and the top flips down, which was especially significant on a beautiful weekend like the one we just had.  This was the other car from Montana, which makes me think I need to move there.

Surprisingly, these Ferraris (and the Pontiac GTO, and a late-model Mustang GT500 convertible) were not the only interesting cars at Roxanne’s that morning.  There was also a green Corvair four-door hardtop, and a nice black 1930 Ford Model A Roadster.    All said, for a place that was not hosting a car show, there was quite a bit of stuff to look at there.

And now you can look at it too.  See them in the slideshow below, or click this link.


  1. I'm lucky enough to have spent a ton of time behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360 Modena (the coupe version of the 360spider you took a pic of). Everybody should have the chance to drive one - it's like Christmas morning when you're five behind the wheel of one. It's all the sensations I get driving my Mustang, amped up by about 5x. The sounds, the performance, the grip, incredible.

    Montana must be a tax haven, as I've seen lots of supercars around KC with Montana plates. Check out Fast Fridays down in OP sometime, and almost all the exotics there seem to have Montana plates.

  2. There are many RV's registered in Montana as well. You form a LLC and that's the legal owner of the vehicle. There's tax advantages to it, but there are states, like my California, that will drop the hammer if you're caught.

    1. This actually makes sense. I provide valuation and specification information to State governments at my day job, including Montana, and I get a lot of requests from there for exotic cars. Learn something new every day.

  3. Great write up. I happened to be nearby Saturday at the French Bee bakery when several Ferrari's "stampeded" by.One of the Montana tagged Ferrari's often shows at fast Friday's.

  4. Wow - the car shows are finding you now, Craig!

  5. Hey the Ferraris are super, but the Wrangler Breakfast is worth driving 25 miles for on Sunday. Great bunch of people at Roxanne's both at Parkville and Platte City.

  6. Cool article, kid! - BK