Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trucks beat the rain at the 2017 Southeastern All Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals

It rained half the day Saturday. Not just a nice soaking rain. A relentless toad-strangler that sent rivers of rushing water through Moss-Wright Park in Goodlettsville, Tenn. These were not ideal conditions to hold a car show. And yet, while the rain was the most blinding, while the mud was flowing, while conditions were at their absolute worst, there were hundreds of Chevrolet and GMC trucks lined up to attend the 7th-Annual Southeastern Truck Nationals. These guys did not let oppressive storms ruin their fun. In fact, a record 340 trucks showed up for this show from all over the United States and Canada. Chevy truck owners ain’t skeered.

This ’70 Chevy CST/10 short bed was one pretty truck. With its Red Orange paint, black tires, and little hubcaps, it kind of reminded me of the truck version of a ’69 COPO Camaro. It even had a 402-c.i. big block under the hood. It wasn’t devoid of creature comforts, though. It also had factory air conditioning, bucket seats, and a teak wood steering wheel. I can’t imagine that anyone who likes old trucks could look at this one and not be completely impressed. I’m glad he managed to get a parking spot that didn’t involve driving through the mud, because this truck is much too nice for that.

This Dark Green ’64 Chevy C-10 short bed was also an eye-catcher. The sign said it was a one-owner, 48,000-mile cream puff. I’m guessing the body has been painted at some point, but under the hood and inside seemed to be original. Obviously it had been lowered and wide whitewalls were added, but it retained its 230-c.i. inline six just as it came from the factory. With its three-on-the-tree and no radio, this was a no-frills truck from birth. Add 53 years, though, and suddenly this plain-Jane ride becomes much more interesting.

Here’s another one in the stock, low-mileage, lowered club. This is a ’77 GMC C-15 Suburban. No, kids, GMC did not call them Yukon XL’s back then. The owner claims that this one only has 48,000-miles, and it looks like it. Vinyl bench seats, a 454-c.i. big block, air conditioning, and the “Trailering Special” package means this one is ready to pull your camper or boat in comfort. I don’t think I would have lowered this one, but it’s as easy to put back to stock as it was to drop, so that’s not much of an issue one way or the other. I’m probably in the minority anyway. This one took the “Best Grocery-Getter” award, as it should have.

It stands to reason that despite the record turnout, some owners of pristine, highly restored trucks did not brave the weather. That didn’t keep this Dark Green-and-White ’72 C-10 Cheyenne long bed away, however. These two-tone Chevy trucks with all that chrome and fancy wheel covers didn’t look very utilitarian to me. I think they were quite fetching. Even the green painted steering wheel is nice and shiny. But with a 350 under the hood and all that space in the bed, this was much more than just a pretty face. The owner claims this one only has 74,000-miles, and it’s for sale for $15,000. I could think of worse places to drop that kind of jack.

Later-model LS engines are becoming so ubiquitous that it won’t be long before old Chevy trucks with this conversion will outnumber those with carburetors. This ’68 C-10 short bed is a nice representation of one of these. Twin’s Speed Shop fitted the 5.3-liter “Vortec” V8, giving this truck modern power with vintage looks. The Dark Blue-and-White paint features that “patina” look that everyone is going for. An air-ride suspension pretty much takes up the bed, but it undoubtedly makes it more pleasant to drive. There were a lot of guys drooling over this one all day.

There were so many trucks at this thing that it would be impossible to write about all the cool ones. That’s why we have pictures. I took 419 of them at the 2017 Southeastern Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals, and you can check them all out by clicking this link.

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