Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tallant's Body Shop open house kinda' makes a guy wish he had taken up auto painting instead of marketing

When you go to a lot of car shows around town, you start to notice patterns. And one thing that seems to be fairly consistent is that a lot of the higher-end hot rods have been built or worked on by Tallant's Auto Body in North Kansas City.

Saturday, Tallant's had an open house to show off some of their current projects, and several of their friends and folks with cars they've worked on were on hand to eat hot dogs (made in a grill that looks like a dragster, no less) and bench race.

Tallant's Body Shop is connected to KC Street Rod Parts, so they were also offering discounts and letting people check out their showroom.

Owning and running your own hot rod shop would be unimaginably difficult, but standing there in that garage with a group of hot rod people surrounded by cool projects still makes an office nerd like me imagine just 'how it could be.' The perfect fall weather didn't hurt the romantic appeal, either.

Tallant's Auto Body and KC Street Rod Parts is located at 1777 Iron in North Kansas City. Their number is (816) 221-5575. Take a look at the slideshow below, and if this is a place you think you'd like your project to be, give 'em a call.

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